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HGSE Student Handbook

This Handbook contains policies and procedures of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Students should become familiar with the material pertaining to their degree program and, together with their advisors, make certain that their chosen program of study complies with all policies.

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Although we have attempted to include most of the regulations governing graduate academic programs, some programs have additional requirements and regulations of their own. Students also should become familiar with the academic policies relevant to their individual program.

HGSE reserves the right to make changes to policies, regulations, and requirements which may be reflected in the Student Handbook at any time, without advance notice. These changes may affect such matters as tuition and fees, courses, degrees, and programs offered (including the modification or possible elimination of degrees and programs), degree and other academic requirements, academic policies, rules pertaining to student conduct and discipline, areas of concentration, and other rules and regulations applicable to students. The ultimate responsibility for knowing and complying with HGSE policies, regulations, and requirements rests with the student.


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