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Rhonda Bondie

Lecturer on Education

Rhonda Bondie

Degree:  Ph.D., George Mason University, (2001)
Email:  [javascript protected email address]
Phone:  617.495.0487
Office:  Larsen 313A
Faculty Assistant:  Ela Sikorska


Rhonda Bondie is lecturer on education in several programs including the Harvard Teacher Fellows (HTF) program. Throughout her career, she has focused on ensuring all learners are valued, engaged, and stretched in inclusive classrooms. Rhonda began teaching as an artist-in-residence and then spent over 20 years in urban public schools as both a special and general educator. Bondie is the faculty chair for Programs in Professional Education's online course Differentiated Instruction Made Practical. The course is based-on the teacher-decision making framework, All Learners Learning Every Day collaboratively developed with Akane Zusho. Bondie has been a faculty member of Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero Classroom since 2006 and the Future of Learning Institute since its inception. She designed the online course, Differentiating Instruction for English Language Learners, for HGSE Programs in Professional Education WideWorld. She maintains her roots in the arts through chairing the working education board of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Bondie maintains these websites for teachers, and

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