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Judith D. Singer

James Bryant Conant Professor of Education
Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity

Judith D. Singer

Degree:  Ph.D., Harvard University, (1983)
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Judith D. Singer, Ph.D., is the James Bryant Conant Professor of Education and Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development & Diversity at Harvard University.

An internationally renowned statistician and social scientist, Singer's scholarly interests focus on improving the quantitative methods used in social, educational, and behavioral research. She is primarily known for her contributions to the practice of multilevel modeling, survival analysis, and individual growth modeling, and to making these and other statistical methods accessible to empirical researchers. Singer's wide-ranging interests have led her to publish across a broad array of disciplines, including statistics, education, psychology, medicine, and public health. In addition to writing and co-writing nearly 100 papers and book chapters, she has also co-written three books: By Design: Planning Better Research in Higher Education, and Who Will Teach: Policies that Matter (both published by Harvard University Press), and Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence (Oxford University Press), which received honorable mention from the American Publishers Association for the best mathematics & statistics book of 2003.

Singer was the first woman to be both elected a member of the National Academy of Education and as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association. She is also a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and has been honored with a fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. In 2012, her nomination by President Obama to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Board of Education Sciences was confirmed by the U.S. Senate. She is also a founding Board member of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness.

Appointed Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1984, Singer was promoted to Associate Professor in 1988 and Professor in 1993. She was named the James Bryant Conant Professor of Education in 2001. From 1999 to 2004 Singer served as academic dean of HGSE and acting dean from 2001 to 2002. She received her B.A. in Mathematics, summa cum laude, from the State University of New York at Albany in 1976 and her Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University in 1983.

As Senior Vice Provost, Singer works closely with the President and Provost on critical issues of faculty development and diversity across the University, addressing the need for more systematic review and analysis of appointments, with an eye to ensuring greater excellence and diversity in faculty ranks. She serves as a key adviser in the ad hoc tenure process, chairs the Provost's Review Committee on Faculty Appointments, and oversees the administration of funds designated to facilitate the appointment of outstanding scholars who increase the faculty's diversity. She is a member of the Council of Deans, which includes the Deans of the faculties, the President, and the Provost.

Areas of Expertise

Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences, University of Alabama, Birmingham,(2014)

Elected Fellow, American Statistical Association, "for substantial contributions to quantitative methods used in social, educational, and behavioral research",(2012)

Elected Fellow, American Educational Research Association,(2008)

Elected Member, National Academy of Education,(2003)

PROSE Award, Honorable Mention, Mathematics and Statistics, Association of American Publishers, Professional and Scholarly Division, for an outstanding professional, reference, text or scholarly work for Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence,(2003)

Invited Fellowship, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University,(2000)

Distinguished Researcher Award, Special Interest Group on Special Education Research, American Educational Research Association,(1994)

Elected Member, Society for Multivariate Experimental Psychology,(1994)

Faculty Mentor Award, The Spencer Foundation,(1994)

Review of Research Award, American Educational Research Association,(1993)

American Statistical Association Research Fellowship, National Center for Educational Statistics,(1992)

Raymond B. Cattell Early Career Award for Programmatic Research, American Educational Research Association,(1992)

Palmer O. Johnson Award, American Educational Research Association,(1990)

Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Academy of Education,(1989)

Elected Member, National Academy of Education


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Singer, J. D., Fuller, B., Keiley, M., and Wolf, A. Early Child Care Selection: Variation by Geographic Location, Maternal Characteristics, and Family Structure.Developmental Psychology, 34(5), 1129-1144.,(1998)

"The Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Psychopathology and Development in Context: Statistical Models and Methodological Recommendations," in Development and Psychopathology (with J. Willett, and N. Martin),(1998)

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Murnane, R. J., Singer, J. D., Willett, J. B., Kemple, J. J., and Olson, R. J. Who Will Teach?: Policies that Matter, (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press) (ISBN 0-674-95192-1).,(1991)

Light, R. J., Singer, J. D., and Willett, J. B. By Design: Planning Research on Higher Education, (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press) (ISBN 0-674-08931-6).,(1990)

Singer, J. D., Granahan, P., Goodrich, N. N., and Meyers, L. D. Diet and Iron Status: A Study of Relationships: United States, 1971-1974, Vital and Health Statistics, Series 11, Number 229. (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, DHHS Pub No. (PHS) 83-1679).,(1982)


Editorial Board, American Journal of Education ,(1998-2010)

Management Committee, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics,(1995-2009)

Editorial Board, Review of Research in Education,(2005-2005)

Editorial Board, Educational Researcher,(2002-2004)

Editorial Board, Journal of Special Education,(1990-2004)

Founding Member, Society for Research in Educational Effectiveness,(2005-)

Elected Member, National Academy of Education,(2003-)

Editorial Board, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics,(1994-)

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