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Faculty & Research

John Richards

Lecturer on Education

John Richards

Degree:  Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo, (1971)
Email:  [javascript protected email address]
Office:  Longfellow 327
Office Hours Contact:  Email the Faculty Member
Faculty Assistant:  Tilman Freitag


John Richards is a senior executive in education, technology, and media with extensive experience in business development and strategic planning. He is an internationally recognized leader in merging media and technology with educational needs and has designed and published award-winning educational materials in mathematics, science, and social studies. Current research interests include entrepreneurship in the education technology marketplace, digital media literacy, and extensions of the university to support lifelong learning.

He is founder and President of Consulting Services for Education, Inc. (CS4Ed). CS4Ed works with publishers, technology companies, educational nonprofits, and higher education institutions as they negotiate the rapidly changing education marketplace. Clients range from startups to the giants of the industry.

Previously, he was President of the JASON Foundation for Education, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Turner Learning, Inc., the education arm of Turner Broadcasting. Richards received his doctorate in philosophy at SUNY Buffalo in 1971 and conducted post-doctoral research at SUNY in mathematics in 1972.

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Areas of Expertise

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