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Faculty & Research

Joanna A. Christodoulou

Adjunct Lecturer on Education

Joanna A. Christodoulou

Degree:  Ed.D., Harvard University, (2010)
Email:  [javascript protected email address]
Vitae/CV:   Joanna A. Christodoulou.pdf
Office:  Gutman 406A
Faculty Coordinator:  Jeffrey Brisbin


Joanna A. Christodoulou works at the intersection of education and neuroscience. Her program of research, conducted at MIT in the Gabrieli Lab and at MGH Institute of Health Professions, focuses on brain and behavior correlates of development, difficulties, and intervention effects for reading. Goals of this work include 1) informing our understanding of reading challenges regarding how they are defined and conceptualized; 2) investigating effective assessment and identification approaches for struggling readers; 3) exploring and predicting the impact of interventions for readers; and 4) harnessing individual variability to improve educational outcomes. Her work is informed by a clinical role at the Learning Disabilities Program at Boston Children's Hospital. Joanna's research has been supported by organizations including the Spencer Foundation; the Fulbright Foundation; the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Initiative at Harvard; and the National Institutes of Health. She has worked as a reading instructor, taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has led professional development workshops for educators and parents internationally. She earned a master's in applied child development from Tufts University, a master's in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), and an Ed.D. from HGSE.

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Areas of Expertise

George E. Burch Fellowship, Smithsonian Institution, Principal Investigator,(2012)

William F. Milton Fund, Harvard Medical School, Co-Investigator,(2012)

National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,(2011)

Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning & Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education in Harvard College,(2010)

George W. Goethals Award for Distinction in Teaching, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning & Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education in Harvard College,(2009)

Mind, Brain, Behavior Research Award, Harvard University,(2007)

Mind, Brain, Behavior Research Award, Harvard University,(2006)

Spencer Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship,(2006)

Fulbright Fellowship Award,(2003)


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Christodoulou, J.A. & Pierce, M. (2008). Cautions for consumers of “brain-based” reading programs. ASCD Express, 4(4).


Board Member, Massachusetts Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (MABIDA),(2010-present)

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