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Faculty & Research

Elizabeth Dawes Duraisingh

Lecturer on Education
Research Associate I, Project Zero

Elizabeth Dawes Duraisingh

Degree:  Ed.D., Harvard University, (2012)
Email:  [javascript protected email address]
Phone:  617.495.3081
Office:  Longfellow 433
Faculty Coordinator:  Joelle Mottola


Liz Dawes Duraisingh is a principal investigator at Project Zero, a research center at HGSE, where she engages in design-based research focused on developing powerful and relevant educational experiences for both students and educators. Her work is both international and intercultural. Out of Eden Learn, which she co-directs, is an online learning community and research project designed to promote thoughtful intercultural inquiry and exchange among young people situated in different parts of the world: to date, over 30,000 students from 60 countries have participated free of charge. As part of this project, Dawes Duraisingh leads research strands related to young people’s understanding of the phenomenon of culture and of different cultures including their own, as well as how their thinking can develop around the topic of human migration. 

Dawes Duraisingh is also committed to supporting educators to grow personally and professionally in ways that will help them to promote deeper learning in schools. She co-directs Creating Communities of Innovation, a collaborative research project that fosters inquiry-driven teacher professional development and innovation both within and across a culturally diverse network of schools in the United Arab Emirates—work that has resulted in a model and toolkit for promoting inquiry-driven innovation in schools. In addition, she directs a sister project, Creando Comunidades de Indagación/Creating Communities of Inquiry, a collaboration with the Innova Schools of Peru as they seek to promote a culture of inquiry-driven teaching and learning across their rapidly expanding network of schools. Dawes Duraisingh teaches qualitative research methods at HGSE. She was formerly a high school history teacher, working in England and Australia.

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Sponsored Projects


Evaluating Global Learning Outcomes on a Global Digital Exchange Platform (2023-2023)
Global Cities, Inc.

In this project, the Out of Eden Learn team will apply The Codebook for Global Learning Outcomes developed under a previous award from Global Cities to Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) data to identify evidence of Global Cities’ learning outcomes and indicators. Through an analysis of OOEL data, the project will establish the utility of the codebook for a global digital exchange programs other than Global Scholars, assess what students are learning by participating in OOEL, and develop hypotheses about what is likely driving that learning given the program’s design (i.e., specific assignments, length of program). The project will also explore potential differences in global digital exchange learning outcomes between middle and high school students.

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