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3 Garden Street
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Jason Carlson Chief of Operations 3 Garden Street 617.496.5766
Carolyn Croisier Director of Events - Operations 3 Garden Street 617.496.1830
Amy Fenton Assistant Director of Events 3 Garden Street 1 617.496.1831
Lisa Lemerise Fischer Space Planning and Operations Manager 3 Garden Street 14 617.495.9550
Robert Fraser Mail Machine Operator, Group Leader Gutman 144 617.495.7751
Brian M. Mahoney Event Coordinator 3 Garden Street 617.495.3927
Jeffrey Moura Facilities Assistant 3 Garden Street 617.496.0075
John Nomes Room & Billing Coordinator 3 Garden Street 617.495.5394
Bob Phillos Director of Facilities - Operations 3 Garden Street 617.384.7822
Marc Raila Innovation Studio Administr 3 Garden Street 617.432.1592
Howard Shen Director of Planning and Design 3 Garden Street 617.496.2911
Sarah Rebecca Coit Timmins Staff Assistant III, Room Scheduler 3 Garden Street 617.495.7875