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Harvard Graduate School of Education Research

Harvard Graduate School of Education Research
13 Appian Way
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Milena Batanova Research and Evaluation Manager Larsen 617.3847738
Evelyn Contreras Senior Project Coordinator Larsen 416 617.998.6834
Jennifer Davis Senior Associate, National Policy & Partnerships 50 Church Street 4th Floor, Q432 617.496.7046
Alexis Ditkowsky Sr. Communications Manager Larsen 7 617.384.9544
Jennifer Ann Donahue Research Manager Larsen 406 617.496.1617
Lisa Marie Eschenbach Program Assistant Larsen 708 617.384.9544
Raina Hall Sr. Program Coordinator 50 Church Street Q-423 617.495.3640
Soobin Jeon Research Assistant III Longfellow 424
Marina Ilkova Jokic Sr. Communications Manager 50 Church Street Q430 617.495.8017
Amy Marie Kamarainen Senior Research Manager Longfellow 426A 617.496.5164
Glenn Michael Manning Sr. Project Manager, Caring Schools Larsen 711 617.495.4976
Shari Jackson Metcalf Project Director Longfellow 426 617.495.7883
lexa Nappa Research Assistant Larsen
Bryan Anthony Nelson Project Coordinator Larsen 705
Insun C Park Research Assistant III Larsen 606
Aashna Poddar Research Assistant Larsen
Lucero Ramirez Varela Research Assistant Larsen
Bridget Rodriguez Director, Education Redesign Lab 50 Church Street Q-425 617.495.6978
Lynne Deborah Sacks Associate Director of Program and Research at Ed Redesign Lab 50 Church Street Q-427 617.496.1200
Daniel Scarver Program Manager 50 Church Street Q-426 617.495.6784
Michelle Sedaca Research Manager 50 Church Street 4th Floor 617.495.8057
Emma Sterling Research Assistant Larsen 705 617.495.8028
Laura Elisabeth Stickle Research Assistant III Larsen 606 617.496.3678
Matthew Tallon Senior Project Manager, Public Education Leadership Project Gutman 446 617.496.1819
Amanda Taylor Associate Director, Reach Every Reader 50 Church Street Q-418 617.496.2838
Sonya Rose Temko Research Assistant Larsen 406
Samantha Wettje Research Assistant Larsen 715
Emily Wiklund Assistant Director, Learning Design and Communications 20 University Road 604