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Harvard Education Publishing Group

Harvard Education Publishing Group
13 Appian Way Suite G025
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Michelle Ajodah Senior Finance Coordinator 8 Story Street 1st Floor 617.384.7265
Laura Clos Publication Coordinator 8 Story Street 617.384.7257
Shannon Davis Acquisitions Editor, Harvard Education Press 8 Story Street 1
Jayne Fargnoli Editor in Chief 8 Story Street 617.496.5554
Kelly Fattman Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development 8 Story Street
Jessica Fiorillo Executive Director 8 Story Street
Molly Grab Editorial Assistant 8 Story Street
Michael Higgins Associate Director of Marketing 8 Story Street
Victoria Lynn Sales Assistant 8 Story Street
Rose Ann Miller Publicity Coordinator 8 Story Street 617.496.2998
Sumita Mukherji Editorial & Digital Production Manager 8 Story Street Suite 1 617.496.3080
Brittany Mytnik Sr. Coordinator, Digital Marketing and Circulation 8 Story Street 1st Floor 617.496.7803
Anne S. Noonan Editorial and Digital Production Manager 8 Story Street 617.496.8513