• Leah Shafer
    A new focus on the way words connect — as a pathway to building the reading skills teens need for challenging texts.
In divisive times, a look at how one group pushes back on prejudice, starting early.
Parents as Allies in Reducing Absences
Targeting parental beliefs about attendance can get more kids to school, more often.
A Curriculum for Changing the World
Preparing students for an interconnected, global society — starting in kindergarten.
Graphic illustration of colorful speech bubbles
High-quality discussion protocols to prompt collaborative, responsive learning.
Insights for Innovation
Putting knowledge into action: Snapshots from the 2017 meeting of the American Educational Research Association in San Antonio, Texas.
Smarter Tech to Smooth the Path to College
How personalized texting (from a virtual counselor) can efficiently reduce summer melt.
A cross-disciplinary search for truth — and the critical thinking skills students need in order to assess it.