a smiling female student is pictured in class
An intriguing study notes a correlation between a student’s level of happiness and GPA.
Thought Balloon
Why teacher teams struggle to work effectively together and how schools can create the conditions for success.
Resilient kids
How we can change our policies to help disadvantaged kids cope and thrive.
The dog ate your what? Four tips for parents on handling little white lies to tall tales.
scrabble pieces that say Learn and lead
Does the transparency permitted by Open Meeting Law help or hinder the hunt for top educational leaders?
Adolescence illustration
Parents can help their teens succeed in school — and beyond — by helping them pursue their goals and interests.
An HGSE researcher’s reflections on attending Austin’s most notable annual conference.
  • Usable Knowledge Video
    Professor Fernando Reimers on "Why It Matters," our video series in which faculty reflect on how their work addresses the compelling challenges in education.
  • Professional Education
    Strategy in Action is a program designed to support teams of senior leaders working to implement effective strategy. Watch a video with Elizabeth City, faculty co-chair.
  • Professional Development
    Explore the needs and experiences of immigrant students in your classroom, school, or district and learn to promote positive intercultural relations: May 7–9.