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Professional Education

  • Usable Knowledge

    Finding Your Summer Balance

    Strategies for managing the to-do list, recharging, and preparing for reentry.

  • National Institute for Urban School Leaders (USL)

    Repeat Performance

    Seeing tangible results for education leaders, Texas’ Universal Academy keeps coming back for more.

  • Usable Knowledge Webinars

    Building a New Model

    Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education and Professor Paul Reville hosted a thought-provoking conversation on how current education systems are inadequate to meet the needs of all students. What might the next model look like?

  • Arts and Passion-Driven Learning institute (APL)

    Learning with Passion

    Artists and educators explore the questions that inspire, with help from Yo-Yo Ma, Silkroad, and a global musical ensemble.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education has numerous opportunities for educators to expand their skills. Onsite and online, the programs are designed for teachers, principals, administrators, and policymakers.

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