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Writing a Window to the World #hgse #usableknowledge @harvarded

Writing a Window to the World

By Jill Anderson on June 19, 2017 12:25 PM

Children’s books hold an important place in the life of Longzhen Han, Ed.M.’17. As a young girl migrating from China to Australia, Han relied on children’s books to learn English and they remained a passion as she grew up. Even after becoming a lawyer and traveling the world, Han dreamed of one day writing her own book, finally making it a reality when she penned the first book in her series, Gusto & Gecko. Launched in 2015 through the help of crowdfunding campaign, Han’s series following the journey of two dinosaurs that travel the world has captured the interest of children, teachers, and even Scholastic Reading Club, which distributes the book online. This summer Han will continue to work on creating a world around Gusto & Gecko through her fellowship at the Harvard iLab.


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