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Mandy Savitz-Romer

Senior Lecturer on Education
Faculty Director, Prevention Science and Practice
Mandy Savitz-Romer

Degree:  Ph.D., Boston College, (2004)
Email:  [javascript protected email address]
Phone:  617.496.3387
Office:  Larsen 601
Faculty Assistant:  Anne Blevins


Mandy Savitz-Romer's professional experience has allowed her to link research to practice in the field of school counseling, specifically as it relates to college access and retention for urban students. Before joining the the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Savitz-Romer was the associate director of the Boston Higher Education Partnership, where she led research, policy and programmatic initiatives focused on promoting college access, readiness and support for Boston Public School students. She previously taught courses in school counseling and postsecondary planning at Boston University. As a former urban school counselor, Savitz-Romer is particularly interested in how schools structure counseling support systems and college planning efforts to reach all students. Her work in promoting academic achievement for Boston students has also included directing various enrichment programs for middle school, high school and first-year college students in the Boston Public Schools, Boston University, Boston College and Simmons College. She is also the co-author of Ready, Willing, and Able: A Developmental Approach to College Access and Success (Harvard Education Press 2012). Savitz-Romer is the director of HGSE's master's program in Prevention Science and Practice (PSP). Her research interests include college access and retention for urban students; early college planning and awareness; school counselor development; K-16 policies and reform; and school-university partnerships.

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Areas of Expertise

Brion-Meisels, G., Savitz-Romer, M., & Vasudevan, D. (in press). Not anyone can do this work: Preparing youth workers in a graduate school of education. Submitted for publication in The Changing Landscape of Youth Work: Theory and Practice for an Evolving Field, K. Pozzoboni & B. Kirshner (Eds.). Information Age Press.,(forthcoming)

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