A User's Guide to

Peer Assistance and Review

  • What is PAR?
  • Costs and benefits of PAR
  • Designing your PAR project
  • Labor-management relations
  • Practical issues and advice

Sample Documents

What is PAR?

What is PAR?

The PAR Panel

Reviewing the progress of teachers in PAR

The PAR Novice Program

How will the Consulting Teachers work with novices?

How will the novice's performance be reviewed?

The Consulting Teacher's Role

How will the CT application and selection process work?

How will CTs be trained, supported, and evaluated?

The PAR Intervention Program

How will experienced teachers be placed on PAR Intervention?

How will the PAR Panel review a teacher on Intervention?

Making PAR Work Day-to-Day

How does the program handle the paperwork involved in teacher evaluation?