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  • What is PAR?
  • Costs and benefits of PAR
  • Designing your PAR project
  • Labor-management relations
  • Practical issues and advice

Data & Resources

Although PAR looks similar from district to district, there are important differences that are worth noting. Here, we have compiled additional information about the programs we studied and several resources for those planning local programs.

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• District and Program Information

This table provides additional context about each district and extra information about its PAR program. It is arranged to facilitate comparisons across PAR programs in the seven districts. More

• PAR Outcome Data

PAR programs cannot be judged solely on the number of teachers who succeed or are dismissed, as discussed in the “Costs and Benefits of PAR.” However, understanding these numbers does provide some important insights into PAR’s operation. More

• Sample Documents

Districts that have implemented PAR programs have created a wide range of documents and resources to ensure that their program will run smoothly. Here are key examples of these documents from the districts in the study, organized according to the different sections of the website. More

• Contract Provisions

Because PAR must be bargained, it is codified in collective bargaining agreements. Here are the relevant sections of each district’s contract and any other Memoranda of Understanding that define the terms of the program. More

• Conference Papers

The research study that produced this website also generated several more detailed articles describing and analyzing labor-management relations in PAR, the roles of principals and CTs under PAR, and the program’s relative costs and benefits. More

• Research and References

Although there is relatively little published research about PAR programs, this list includes references and links to other reports, websites, and scholarly articles. This list is not all-inclusive, but does provide a good starting-place for further inquiry. More