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Peer Assistance and Review

  • What is PAR?
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What will the CTs be paid?

San Juan CTSan Juan CT

CTs receive additional pay for their work, which requires an advanced level of knowledge, skill, and responsibility. This stipend ranges from $3,000 in Cincinnati to $6,150 in Toledo. Rochester CTs receive an additional 5% of base pay for working with one teacher and 10% for working with two. Districts also pay CTs to work additional days during the summer—four to five days in San Juan and Rochester to a full month in Montgomery County. The stipend and summer days combined can result in a pay increase for CTs of up to $10,000. These are temporary benefits, though, which they relinquish at the end of their term. When they return to the classroom, CTs will be paid on the regular teachers’ salary scale, having advanced a salary step for each year they worked as CT.