Math Education

colorful graphic depicting a teacher interacting with a researcher
Real teacher questions about mathematics instruction, answered by faculty specialists.
Costs of Specialized Teaching
New study shows negative effects of specialized teaching, hinting at the importance of teacher-student relationships.
Illustration of numerals escaping from a bird cage and flying upward
Why kids lose math knowledge, and how families can work to counteract it.
Mathematics, Everywhere for Everyone
Bridging the gap between math in the classroom and math at home — for all families.
boy resting head on number-covered blackboard
Why students develop an aversion to mathematics — and how teachers can help change their minds.
UK Math
When it comes to solving math problems, it pays to compare.
Associate Professor Jon Star
To solve math problems accurately and efficiently, students need to learn multiple strategies as well as how to choose among them.
Professor Heather Hill
A study delves into the relationship between an educator's math knowledge and the quality of their teaching in actual elementary school classrooms.