Higher Education

Smarter Tech to Smooth the Path to College
How personalized texting (from a virtual counselor) can efficiently reduce summer melt.
Strategies for guiding undocumented students to college.
Female student from the rear, walking down long campus pathway
College applicants can take control of a frenzied process by reflecting on their values and goals — for the next four years and beyond.
Second Lady Jill Biden recording an EdCast
Second Lady Jill Biden and fellow teachers lead the drive to support the educational and social-emotional needs of military children.
illustration of hands over a laptop computer with image of graduate on the screen
A model for how online education can increase access to higher education.
Happy graduates at Commencement ceremony
How we can (and must) train a new generation of higher ed professionals to start talking about race.
illustration showing value of investing in education
Amid declining state support for higher ed, a plan to stretch the dollars and bolster graduation rates nationwide.
Male and female college student studying in library
What does it take to foster a campus climate of inclusion?
Exploring Affirmative Action
What colleges — and college students — get wrong about diversity on campus.
College and the Good Student
Here's how high schools and colleges can help students prioritize community engagement and reframe college admissions.
College and (the Real) You
A push for authentic community service aims to reframe college admissions. Here's what students should know.
Safe Space vs Free Speech? (Illustration: Freepik)
Engaging in difficult conversations to find new approaches to controversial issues.
Closing the Gap Year Gap
Amid the buzz about deferring college, how do we make a bridge year that's accessible and beneficial for all?
Students working together on outdoor terrace
Encouraging student collaboration to foster deeper understanding and cultivate lifelong skills.
Election 2016 button
Digging into the politics of education in an election year to find out what the candidates are talking about — or not.
Close-up of hands over a laptop keyboard
New study shows MOOCs have not yet fulfilled their promise as a force for equity.
How an effective syllabus can signal — and create — a distinctive class experience.
A road map with words that has a blue push pin on the word success
Defining and aligning the noncognitive skills that college students need and employers require.
sketch on blackboard of stick figure climbing ladder
How colleges can cultivate a vital and engaged faculty throughout their careers.
Harvard and MIT researchers take a look at the reach and realm of massive open online courses.
Tom Hehir
A book focusing on students with disabilities at Harvard challenges stereotypes and bias while highlighting the themes of their success.
Dan Levy
Lessons learned during a 90-minute Master Class with HKS Senior Lecturer Dan Levy.
a photo of books piled up
What institutions can do to create an environment conducive to optimal faculty output.
COACHE gears
At any stage in the academic ladder, mentorship not only matters; it makes a difference.
UK Coache
How universities can lessen the burden and increase the reward of faculty service commitments.
white house logo
A White House report emphasizes the critical role of effective counseling and calls for enhanced training and support.
photo of academic dean Bridget Terry Long
It’s the small things that can make a sizable difference when it comes to college enrollment and persistence.
illustration of two college graduates with one facing a very high climb
Associate Professor David Deming takes a look at how the credentials of graduates from for-profit institutions fare in today's competitive job market.
chalkboard that says unhappy with "un" crossed out
A new survey finds that the most satisfied teachers work at colleges where teaching is central — and well rewarded.
photo of Associate Professor Natasha Kumar Warikoo
Associate Professor Natasha Kumar Warikoo sat down for an EdCast to discuss her recent work analyzing how students at elite institutions understand merit in admissions.
Photo of Academic Dean Bridget Terry Long
Academic Dean Bridget Terry Long highlights how we can improve the way we prepare students for college-level coursework.
Usable Knowledge Wordle
Clarity and communication can enhance morale and ensure a credible process.
Josephine Kim
HGSE Lecturer Josephine Kim works to raise awareness of mental health issues that affect Korean-American student populations.
llustration of many "one way" signs going in different directions
A series of proposals for reforming the practice of leadership and for strengthening schools of education that prepare future leaders.
blurry photo of woman at chalkboard
A large research study examines the effectiveness of remedial courses in helping students graduate.
university banners
Preparing college presidents for the promise and pitfalls of their new leadership role.