A Curriculum for Changing the World
Preparing students for an interconnected, global society — starting in kindergarten.
multicultural group of students working around a laptop
Educating a new generation of global citizens prepared to create, collaborate, and navigate the world’s complexities.
The Costs of Poverty
One third of 3- and 4-year-olds in the developing world are not meeting basic milestones. What can be done?
Closing the Gap Year Gap
Amid the buzz about deferring college, how do we make a bridge year that's accessible and beneficial for all?
Quality for Some, or Access for All?
New case studies on refugee education shed light on challenging choices.
Educating for Peace
How schools can help foster a more peaceful world.
Teaching the Environment
How educators can help students understand the complexity of environmental change.
Settling In
What U.S. educators need to know about refugee children and how to teach them.
Fernando Reimers
In an ongoing series, education researchers reflect on what drives their work.
Making Incentives Work
Scholarships have greater impact when given to kids who are told they are high performers, new study finds.
a child's hand on barbed wire
How a global partnership is changing the educational landscape for children living in conflict.
Hands on globe
As the world grows more interconnected, education looks outward.
Refugee children
In a new video, HGSE researchers describe their contributions to UN efforts to improve education for refugee children around the world.
Professor Fernando Reimers
Professor Fernando Reimers outlines the value of integrating global awareness, skills, and understanding in K-12 education.
photo of a hand on a blackboard
A research-based and classroom-tested approach led to the Teaching for Understanding framework used worldwide.

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