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One and All

One and All: Strategies to Protect Students, Reject Bullying, and Build Communities Where Everyone Thrives

In a time of division and uncertainty for our country, many of us — teachers, school leaders, parents — are asking, “What can we do?” How can we reject discrimination and protect children who feel targeted for their religion, ethnicity, gender, or even political beliefs? How can we welcome diverse perspectives and hard conversations?

With One and All, we’re facing these challenges in education — by sharing resources and welcoming your ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We'll be updating regularly with new strategies and stories of inspiration. Please join us. Follow on Facebook and Twitter, using #OneAllHGSE. Send your own strategies to uknow@gse.harvard.edu, and we’ll excerpt and share as many as we can. Read more about the One and All project.

“Your Values Must Be Clear”

A system leader’s views on ending bullying and harassment and nurturing a district-wide culture of respect.

Chalk drawings of students in class

Talking Race in the Suburbs

How to plan for an authentic, inclusive conversation about race in classrooms where white students outnumber students of color.

Illustration of a teacher explaining to her class

Race, Controversy, and Trauma

How to open space for reflection and conversation amid traumatic or anxiety-provoking current events.

Treating Each Other with Respect

How we can teach students to find common ground, for the common good.

Raising Kind Children

Small steps that make a difference:

  • Talk about real ethical dilemmas you face, and ask kids what they'd do.
  • Think together about how it feels to be the new kid, the kid who's teased, or the kid whose race or religion is different.
  • Let kids see your kindness.

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Illustration of students listening to a teacher

Teaching in Complex Times

In our latest podcast, frank talk about how to handle political controversies, ethical challenges, and divisive rhetoric in the classroom.

Caring for the Whole Child

A middle school drama teacher describes how she makes her classroom a safe harbor.

Image of numerous spectators at a parade holding LGBTQ+ Pride flags

Students Surviving and Thriving

How to support LGBTQ and gender non-conforming kids.

Image of a bully pressing a victim's head against a locker

How Bullying Looks to Teens

Why does school-based bullying happen? We asked students themselves for insight.

Encouraging Classroom Debate

A high school teacher shares advice on guiding conversations about controversial issues.

Illustration of a student raising their hand in front of an enthusiastic teacher.

Schoolwide SEL to Prevent Bullying

Developing a school culture that prioritizes the social-emotional wellbeing of every student.

A group of students listens intently to their teacher.

Talking About Race in Mostly White Schools

Bridging the divide by helping young people gain awareness of the painful realities of race.

“Challenge Ideas, Not People”

Navigating the competing rights of free speech and freedom from discrimination.

A diverse group of hands unite in a group cheer.

Responding to Bias at School

For teachers and school leaders, vetted resources to help you prepare for unsettling incidents

“Modeling Takes Practice"

A head of school on how role-playing helps teachers manage tough classroom moments.

11 Ways to Help

The Anti-Defamation League has a useful summary of 11 key steps schools can take to help students feel safe, including:

  • Clarity of policy and purpose
  • Willingness to self-assess
  • Being intentionally inclusive
  • Encouraging students to report

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An illustration of a family talking to an education professional

Optimism Stronger than Fear

A teacher’s perspective on the resilience of immigrant and refugee students — and five ideas to support them.

Illustration of a young woman looking sad.

From “Consequence” to “Prevention”

Rethinking the definition of bullying to better understand and prevent it.

Supporting Undocumented Students

To build hope and chart a path to success, relationships are key.

An image of the capitol dome

Citywide Bullying Prevention

The five cornerstones of an effective policy, from Washington, D.C.

“Before the Big Times Roll In”

An ELA teacher in Springfield, MA, on how she builds trust by getting real, from the start.

A young girl cries while sitting on the floor of her classroom.

A Bully-Free Culture

Three actions that will make a difference.

Easing Difference by Exploring It

What can teachers do, and what do they need, to support English-language learners?

A stylized image of three Muslim women.

Anti-Muslim Bias

Counteract stereotypes and discrimination with knowledge.

An image of a microphone.

Staging Change

Theater is all about taking the perspective of other people — so it's a natural tool for building community and social justice at school.

A group of older students look contemplative.

The Work of Teaching Tolerance

“We used to get criticized because 'tolerance' didn’t go far enough. And it seems like now, it’s too much for some folks."

Facing History advertisement on immigrant and refugee education resources

“If there isn’t a level of intimacy or comfort in the classroom, students won’t put themselves out there.”

– Molly Dill, government and economics teacher,
Springfield Renaissance School


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