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Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak

An ongoing series about how schools and families can respond to change and disruption, build resilience, and help young people learn and thrive at home

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Leadership Through Change

Bridget Long and Geoffrey Canada

Educators as First Responders

Bridget Long and Geoffrey Canada issue a call to action for educators and a vision for what school might look like this fall.

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Educating Ethically

The complex decisions school leaders have had to make this spring — and the dilemmas that equity-minded educators have faced.

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Bridging the Gaps

How to work within current guidelines to provide enriching summer learning opportunities for students.

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Finding the Silver Lining

A new initiative seeks to explore the opportunities for innovation and renewal in our schooling, surfacing ideas to help shape the future of education.

Darienne Driver Hudson

Leading for What’s Possible

In times of crisis, finding the courage rebuild for the better, bridge divides, and bring everyone along.

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Share, Gather, Connect

During COVID-19-related closures, clear and regular communication from school leaders offers a crucial beacon of community support.

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During Coronavirus Crisis, How Can State Leaders Help Schools?

The challenges the coronavirus presents for state education departments — and how to deal with them.

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Human-Centered Leadership in Stressful Times

School leaders can build a practice of mindfulness to support themselves and their communities.

Deborah Jewell-Sherman

School Leadership During Crisis

Deborah Jewell-Sherman ponders what may be on the minds of school leaders in these difficult times, and advises on how they can stay grounded and plan for the future.

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Engaging Families From a Distance

Best practices for using strategic automated messaging to enhance communication to students and their families.

Expanding a School’s Capacity for Support

Relationship mapping can help identify students who may be at risk in times of increased isolation.

A photo of Meira Levinson on the Harvard Edcast

Schools, Families, and the Coronavirus

Harvard epidemiologist Bill Hanage and education ethicist Meira Levinson provide guidance on how to prepare and respond.

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Toward a Global Response to COVID-19

A framework to guide education strategies amid school closures in countries around the world.

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Providing Stability for Students

What leaders can do help calm their community and keep students ready to learn.

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To Prepare, Simple Measures Are Often Most Effective

How our experience with COVID-19 shows these partnerships to be a necessity — for all communities.

colorful drawing of city with a school bus

The Urgent Need for Children’s Cabinets

How our experience with COVID-19 shows these partnerships to be a necessity — for all communities.

Teaching at a Distance

online discussion

Fostering Conversation Across a Distance

Practical strategies for educators to build rich, equitable online discussions.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Students During and After School Closures

How to educate for safe schools — with professional development, community building, and more.

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Remote Learning and the Digital Divide

Considering issues of equity when moving instruction online.


Keeping Classroom Connections Alive

Three ways preschool educators can ensure that the relationships built in their classrooms continue.

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Build a Welcoming Community in Your Online Classes

How teachers can create a place of (remote) belonging during distance learning.

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Limiting Learning Loss

How lessons about summer learning loss can guide educators, districts, and parents during current school closures.

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To Help Them Understand Coronavirus, Teach Students About Complexity

Learning how complex systems operate will give older students a way to comprehend the rippling consequences of COVID-19.

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Talk About the Text

A quick take on literacy development at home, for parents and educators.

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The Shift to Online Teaching

How K-12 educators can translate proven higher ed practices to their virtual classrooms.

Learning and Thriving at Home

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The Covid Crisis and Adult Development

How developmental thinking can help us manage pandemic fears and move forward.

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Getting Through It Together

When we can't gather in groups, how to maintain connection and provide support to classmates and colleagues.

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Banishing Boredom

A new series of activities, prompts, and thinking routines to help create a learning-rich environment at home.

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Creative Connections While Apart

Ways to come together as families, schools, and communities while keeping your (social) distance.

child's hands writing

Learning and Community in a Time of Crisis

As school closures extend, lessons from history and from around the globe can provide a path forward.

family in a tent in the living room

Family Coping During the Coronavirus

Small adjustments that can take the pressure off families — and let them enjoy the added time together.

Family preparing dinner

Share a Meal with Friends and Family

Host a virtual dinner party, make a simple pantry recipe with kids, or play charades with a friend over dessert.

Helping Children Cope with Coronavirus and Uncertainty

A conversation with Harvard's Rick Weissbourd about reinforcing a sense of security.

Illustration of two women passing a heart

Cultivating Empathy in the Coronavirus Crisis

To avoid isolation and self-focus, shift your attention and concern to the needs of others.

family hiking

New Modes of Learning

To make out-of-school learning sustainable at home, lead with what you love.

Children doing a puzzle on the floor with parent

Caring for Preschoolers at Home

With preschools closing, expert guidance on maintaining structure, routine, and healthy habits for learning and growing at home.

Supporting One Another in a Time of Crisis

Continuing our conversation with Rick Weissbourd: School-family partnerships in times of disruption.

Higher Education

A photo of a campus building and its surrounding landscape.

When Campus Closes

Early and accurate communication, with clear connection to resources, will help college students navigate disruption.


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