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The Challenges of Reopening

How can schools rebound and innovate this fall, while keeping health, wellness, and equity at the center? How can education reinvent, not just reopen? In a new series of articles and other content, we'll explore.

school counselor's office door

School Counselors and COVID-19

Insight into the pandemic experiences of counselors — and how to best position counselors to support students this year.

Leading for Equity

Leaders from three large and diverse public school districts share insights about leading for racial equity.

Student with facemask with teacher

Rebuilding for a New Normal

A new report provides guidance for promoting trauma responsive schools during the pandemic.

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Enhancing Online Discussions

How Zoom features can enrich — rather than inhibit — classroom communication.

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For School Leaders, Five Broad Goals for the Fall

To guide fall planning, a new report gives a close-up view of the challenges teachers faced in the spring.

Teen in mask

Supporting Teens in a Pandemic

Six ways families and schools can foster adolescent development.

Bridget Long and Ashish Jha

When and How Can We Safely Reopen Schools?

What states and districts should be considering as they look toward the fall.

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Making a Smooth Transition

In this unusual year, simple parenting strategies can help ease anxiety for young children around going back to school.

Education Now: The Challenges of Reopening

A summer webinar series with insights for educators, families, and school and district leaders.

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Prioritizing the Reopening of Schools

An argument in favor of (safely) reopening elementary schools, for the good of young learners and the country at large.

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Confronting the Challenges of Restarting School

Insights from 11 urban districts on developing a nimble, collaborative, and equity-focused plan for an unprecedented year.

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Including Students in Fall Planning

The importance of seeking student input as K-12 educators work toward reopening schools.

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What Makes an Excellent Online Teacher?

Strong decision-making skills can help educators build engaging and welcoming virtual classrooms.

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Schools and Community Resilience

As leaders plan for the fall, they must prioritize the vital community support that schools provide, especially during a pandemic.

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To Better Serve All Students

When planning for reopening, schools should keep issues of race and equity in focus.


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