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Usable Knowledge was founded to connect research to practice. We make education research and well-vetted strategies accessible to a wide audience: teachers and principals, district leaders, policymakers, university faculty and higher ed professionals, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, members of the media, and parents.

We’re a digital publication based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, produced for educators everywhere.

Our goal is to create rigorously reported, credible, and useful content that responds to the challenges that educators face today. We hope you will use the stories and strategies you discover here to make a difference in your classrooms, schools, and communities.


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Usable Knowledge is published at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Contact us at uknow@gse.harvard.edu.

Director of Editorial Strategy: Bari Walsh
Staff Contributors: Jill Anderson, Emily Boudreau, Lory Hough, Marin Jorgensen, Elio Pajares-Ruiz, Doug Ray

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