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Teaching and Learning Week

Teaching and Learning Week logoTeaching and learning are at the heart of the field of education — from early childhood, to K–12, to higher education, to informal and workplace learning. Teaching and Learning Week allows all of us to explore and reflect on our own experiences as learners and facilitators of others’ learning. An example of the 2019 schedule can be viewed here.

Past years' activities have included:

  • A session exploring the capacities needed to make rapid, flexible instructional decisions (work that is funded by the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching)
  • An interactive session on encouraging interactive and inclusive dialogue in the classroom. Often traditional classroom discussions are dominated by a few voices or perspectives while other voices are never heard or included in the conversation. What strategies can we use as discussion facilitators or teachers to increase participation in whole-group discussions, and what alternate formats for discussion can we leverage to diversify how discussion takes place in our classrooms? 
  • A music night for families focused on building children's awareness and empathy for cultures around the world
  • A gallery walk with members of HGSE's Teaching and Learning Lab to explore design principles behind the development of the How People Learn (HPL) course, a new online, prematriculation, foundational course for incoming master’s students. HPL aims to support learners in developing foundational understanding of key concepts in the learning and developmental sciences. 
  • A hands-on session on leveraging the science of learning and featuring HGSE’s Instructional Moves project that showcases high-leverage teaching strategies. Based on a popular breakout session from the recent Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching Conference, this learning experience explores practical ways to translate what we know about the science of learning into our own practice as educators. 
  • An open class with T-550 Designing for Learning by Creating, taught by Karen Brennan
  • An event co-offered between Gutman Library and Harvard Teacher Fellows on Learning with Digital Media from the Library of Congress
  • A live, interactive cooking demo hosted by the Office of Student Affairs and the Gutman Commons Café (with take-home treats cooked during the learning experience)

In addition, as part of Teaching and Learning Week, several faculty members contributed essays about how we teach and learn:

Video from the open class with Associate Professor Karen Brennan:

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