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Student Handbook: University Supports

Counseling and Mental Health Services 

HUHS Smith Campus Center, Fourth Floor  
617-495-2042 |
CAMHS Cares 24-hour hotline 617-495-2042

HUHS Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provides coverage to students year-round. Counseling is available for a wide variety of concerns, including: 

  • Bereavement 
  • Transitional issues and adjustment difficulties 
  • Depression, anxiety, or stress 
  • Concerns interfering with work or relationships 
  • Sexual concerns 
  • High-risk behaviors around food, alcohol, and/or other substances 

Treatment options include individual psychotherapy, medication management, and group therapy. All visits are confidential and mental health records are held separately from the rest of the medical record, except for information on medications and hospitalizations. 

Office for Gender Equity (OGE) SHARE Counseling  

SHARE 24-hour response line: 617-495-9100 |

The Office for Gender Equity (OGE) provides services to the community through its three functions: Sexual Harassment/Assault, Resources & Education (SHARE) counseling; Title IX; and Prevention Education, Engagement & Outreach.

Each of these functions, while distinct, work holistically to promote gender equity, and to address and prevent sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct within the Harvard community.

Those seeking confidential, privileged support can reach SHARE counselors via SHARE'’s 24/7 hotline at 617-495-9100. Students interested in engaging with OGE with other questions may contact

Harvard International Office 

864 Smith Campus Center 
617-495-2789 |

The Harvard International Office (HIO) offers services to international students and scholars at Harvard’s graduate and professional schools to minimize the difficulties they may experience both upon arrival and later during their stay at Harvard. HIO provides information on a wide range of topics, including immigration issues (work permits, travel), financial questions, social and cultural differences, and resources at Harvard and in the community. HIO also acts as a liaison between international students and scholars and the U.S. government agencies that have jurisdiction over their stay here. 

Office of Work Life 

124 Mt. Auburn Street, 3rd Floor North  
617-495-4100 |

The office provides information on work/family programs, services, and policies at Harvard and acts as a clearinghouse for family resources in Cambridge, Boston, and the surrounding areas. It provides information and referral for childcare, schools, elder care, adoption, educational programs and seminars, support/conversation groups, individual assistance on work/family concerns, and consultations to departments on work/family options. The Office of Work and Family distributes the Harvard University and affiliates Family Resource Handbook and coordinates childcare on campus. 

The office has information about six independently run child-care centers located on university property, each listed below. For more information, visit

  • Botanic Gardens Children’s | Center 26 Robinson Street | 617-496-0595
  • Harvard Yard Child Care Center | 25 Francis Avenue | 617-547-3432
  • Oxford Street Day Care Co-op | 25 Francis Avenue | 617-547-3175
  • Peabody Terrace Children’s Centers | 900 Memorial Drive | 617-868-5573
  • Radcliffe Child Care Center | 10 DeWolfe Street | 617-495-3504 
  • Soldiers Field Park Children’s Center | 1 Soldiers Field Park | 617-495-2680

Harvard Chaplains

Harvard Chaplains is the umbrella organization of over 35 chaplains representing 25 of the world’s traditions, united in their commitment to supporting Harvard students, faculty, and staff. 

Harvard Chaplains nurture the spiritual/ethical lives of the Harvard community and help them learn to listen to those who believe differently. The Chaplains agree to honor the religious freedom, human dignity, conscience, personal spiritual welfare and the religious tradition of every person to whom they minister.