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Student Handbook: Use of the Harvard Name

The use of the name Harvard, or of any of the schools within the university, in website identifications, email addresses, and Internet addresses requires advance permission of the appropriate official (the Provost in the case of the Harvard name and the appropriate dean in the case of an individual school’s name). For the full policy statement, consult the University Policy on the Use of Harvard Names and Insignias.  

In addition, student groups, associations, and organizations have specific obligations under the Use of Names Policy with which they are required to be familiar (for specific policies affecting student groups see the “Use of Harvard’s Name and Insignia for Student Organizations” in the Student Activities Manual). Individuals or groups who violate these policies may be subject to discipline. Any questions should be addressed to the Office of Student Affairs. 

Student Use of HGSE Stationery

Master’s students are not permitted to use HGSE stationery for personal, academic, or professional purposes. Harvard University stationery that is available commercially (i.e. in the Harvard COOP) is recommended for these purposes. Under some conditions doctoral students will be allowed to use HGSE stationery, particularly when their request to do so is related to dissertation research. To request permission and stationery please contact the HGSE Communications and Marketing Office.