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Student Handbook

Student Handbook: Master of Education (Ed.M.) Program Policies

This handbook reflects the policies and regulations that govern the Ed.M. Degree Program. However, please see the individual Program Hub pages for more information about additional requirements for specific Ed.M. programs. In addition, this section details policies and procedures that apply specifically to master’s students. 

Coursework and Grade Options 

In order to meet basic HGSE degree requirements, Master of Education (Ed.M.) candidates must complete courses carrying a minimum of 32 credits. Ed.M. students must take at least 16 of their total credits for a letter grade. Ed.M. students are permitted to enroll in up to 8 credits of independent study or field experience, or combination thereof (not to exceed one per semester). See other sections of this handbook for information about prior coursework and other academic requirements for all students. 

Academic Progress Review 

Ed.M. and C.A.S. candidates must maintain at least a B- average. More than one Incomplete and/or a grade average below B- will initiate an academic review at the end of the semester. Ed.M. and C.A.S. candidates who fall below a B- average and/or are carrying multiple Incomplete grades are considered to be in poor academic standing. Students may not register for a new semester with more than one Incomplete. A student’s degree candidacy may be terminated on the basis of poor academic standing. 

Petitions to Change Program or Concentration

Students should declare their concentration on the usual timeline in their first year and discuss the timing of their activities with their concentration co-chairs. Students may declare one HGSE concentration. Double concentrations are not permitted.

Occasionally, Ed.M. students may wish to petition to change their Ed.M. program or concentration from the one to which they were accepted. Students wishing to do so must complete the Petition for Change of Program or Petition for Change of Concentration, which are available on the HGSE Office the Registrar website and include more details about the process. Such petitions must include a clear justification for wanting to make such a change. In order to be granted a change, approval must be secured from the current program/concentration Faculty Director or Co-Chair, the new program/concentration Faculty Director or Co-Chair, and the Director for Master’s Studies. Note that not all petitions will be granted due to admissions and program needs; thus, students should consider carefully in which program to enroll without assuming the possibility of transferring to another program or concentration.