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Student Handbook

Student Handbook: Advising

At HGSE, students are advised by multiple individuals throughout their academic journey. However, all students also have designated advisers to support and guide them during their degree program. 

Master of Education (Ed.M.) Students 

Ed.M. candidates have two assigned advisers throughout their time at HGSE: 

  • A Faculty Adviser, who will focus on engaging students about their academic and professional goals. Faculty Advisers typically convene their advisees in “pods” several times each year. 
  • An HGSE Adviser, which is an experienced staff member or doctoral candidate who meets with students 1:1, focusing on supporting students to navigate HGSE and maintain general well-being.  

Ed.M. students who wish to change their assigned faculty adviser should contact their program staff liaison (Assistant Director or Manager for Part-Time Students) to discuss next steps. 

Doctoral (Ed.D., Ph.D., and Ed.L.D.) Students 

Due to the highly personalized research- and practice-based doctoral experience, Ed.D., Ph.D., and Ed.L.D. students have a dedicated faculty adviser to support their learning and professional development. More information about doctoral advising can be found on the Research Doctoral and Doctor of Education Leadership program pages.  

Students in the Ph.D. and Ed.L.D. programs are assigned a designated faculty adviser. Doctoral students who wish to change their assigned faculty adviser may request the change via the Director for Doctoral Studies.