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Creating Cultures of Thinking: Learning to Leverage the Eight Forces that Shape the Culture of Groups, Classrooms, and Schools (CCoT)


Professional Development Credit
$599 per person for individuals
$525 per person for teams of 3-6 people

Educational Chair(s):
Daniel Wilson
Online Online

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Project Zero Online for Graduate Credit
Beginning in the 2021-2022 Harvard Academic Year, participants have the option to complete Project Zero Online (PZO) courses for HGSE Graduate Credit. Participants who take the course for Professional Development Credit can expect to spend approximately 2.5 hours devoted to the course each week for a total of 30 hours. Participants who opt to take the course for HGSE Graduate Credit will complete additional readings focused on research and practice as well as a final project, and they can expect to spend 4-5 hours devoted to the course each week for a total of 60 hours.


Please note that the application, acceptance specifications, and workload for the graduate credit offering differ from the professional development credit offering. Should you not be ultimately admitted to the program for HGSE Graduate Credit, you can always apply and enroll as a Professional Development Credit participant.