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Online Learning Opportunities for Parents and Families

Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) offers a suite of online programs designed to support educators at all levels with best practices learned from HGSE’s teaching and research to help tackle their biggest challenges. Many of our online workshops may also be of interest to parents, families, and other caregivers of children and teens. If you would like to expand your knowledge about how to enrich the learning of the young students in your life, we encourage you to explore these resources and learn alongside educators in our online learning experiences.

Upcoming Online Programs for Parents & Caregivers

Screen-Time Savvy: Skills and Strategies to Deepen Digital and Media Literacy
How much screen-time use is okay? Develop practical knowledge, skills, and strategies around screen-time usage that can help you support learners as they navigate today’s digital media landscape.

Deeper Than Edutainment: Taking Books and Their Film Adaptations Seriously
Discover exciting ways to make use of film adaptations of novels by exploring and embracing what happens when a story “crosses” from one content platform to another. Learn to leverage the unique benefits of using cross-media storytelling to boost social, emotional, and academic development of young people.

Education Redesign: Building 21st Century Systems of Child Development and Education
Explore why current education reform efforts are failing and how we might work to design a “new engine” to drive better outcomes for all.

Learning to Talk by Talking: A Developmental Approach to Maximizing Language and Literacy Skills
Professor Catherine Snow, one of the world’s leading experts on language and literacy, provides research for this workshop that follows a developmental approach to language and literacy from birth to the teen years.

The Opportunity of Bilingualism: Serving Today’s Young English Language Learners
Learn strategies for promoting language and literacy development in linguistically diverse settings and explores implications for policy creation to support this important work.

Civics Education and Youth Participatory Politics
The youth of today’s society are living in an unprecedented moment in time that has converged health, economic, environmental, social, and political issues. Learn how to help young people be change agents and shape society’s future as a whole.