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Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.

Programs for District Leaders

WE KNOW YOUR TIME AND RESOURCES ARE PRECIOUS. That’s why our ultimate goal — improving student lives — is built into every program. We help educators from around the world perform and lead more effectively, so that they may make a difference for others.

As a superintendent or district leader seeking to ensure high-quality outcomes for all students, our programs tailored for system-level leadership can help you navigate challenges, improve performance, and implement sustainable change.

Upcoming Programs

Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL)
Composed of five online modules, the CAEL certificate is designed to help current and aspiring system-level leaders develop a robust understanding of the complexities within educational systems, while honing the leadership skills to create transformational change. Now available for graduate credit from HGSE.

Building Your Entry Plan to Lead for Equity in Education
Plan your entry into a new education leadership position through this online professional development program. Learn to devise a series of steps that will involve communities of stakeholders in creating opportunities for all children to succeed.

Education Redesign: Building 21st Century Systems of Child Development and Education
This two-week online workshop, based upon the research of HGSE Professor Paul Reville and his team at the Education Redesign Lab (EdRedesign), explores why current education reform efforts are failing and how we might work to design a “new engine” to drive better outcomes for all.

Harvard Institute for Superintendents and District Leaders
Explore the challenges of implementing standards-based reform and learn strategies for overcoming common hurdles to systemic change.

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