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Certificate in Media and Technology for Education FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the Certificate in Media and Technology for Education at Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). As you consider registering for the certificate workshops, we invite you to explore the frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions or require any further support, please reach out to our HGSE Professional Education admissions team at


How do I earn the Certificate?
The Certificate is automatically awarded after the successful completion of at least three workshops of your choice. You will also receive a certificate of completion for each individual workshop if the coursework is completed.

Do I need to take the courses in a particular order?
There is no required sequence. We often encourage participants to take Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning prior to taking Online Teaching and Learning in Action, but it is a recommendation, not a requirement.

What if I’ve already taken a CMTE workshop? Will it count towards the certificate, or do I have to retake it?
Any CMTE workshop that you’ve already successfully completed will count towards the certificate. You do not need to retake any workshop to have it count towards the certificate.

I’m only interested in participating in one workshop out of the certificate. Is that allowed?
Yes, you are welcome to take as many workshops as you like, from just one to all of them! However, you will only earn the full certificate if you successfully complete three or more workshops.

Can I enroll as a group?
Yes, you may enroll as a group.

Are there any group discounts?
Yes; those enrolling as a group of 10+ people will receive 25% off total invoice. The only exception is The Online Classroom: Stratgies for Higher Ed Teaching and Learning. For this program, the group discount starts at 4 people or more and at USD 295 per person (individual rate is at USD 375).

What are the scholarship options for this certificate?
As of right now, there are no scholarships available for this certificate.

Do I need to enroll in each workshop individually?
Yes, you need to enroll in each workshop individually.

What type of credential do I earn upon completion of any workshop or for completing the entire Certificate?
Upon the successful completion of each workshop, participants will receive an individual workshop certificate. Upon the successful completion of three or more workshops, participants will receive an overarching Certificate in Media and Technology for Education to demonstrate their proficiency in this domain.

How often do you offer these workshops?
Each workshop is currently offered twice each academic year. Please check the Professional Education website for exact dates.


Who is eligible for the Certificate?
Everyone is eligible for the Certificate in Media and Technology for Education.

Who is the intended audience for the Certificate in Media and Technology for Education?
The workshops are intentionally designed with a differentiated instructional approach to ensure that the experiences meet the needs of all educators. In other words, there are resources for school administrators, classroom teachers, and other instructional leaders across all domains and roles. These workshops encourage participants to apply their thinking and engagement to their contexts to support the work they already have underway in their schools and communities.

Please note that the only workshops that have a more specific audience in mind are Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning (SOTL) which is preK12-centric and The Online Classroom which centers on higher education.

I am not a media or technology specialist. Are these workshops still for me?
Yes! These workshops are intended to inform and transform the pedagogy of all educators. While these workshops ask participants to investigate, explore, and analyze specific media texts and technological applications, these workshops are far less focused on technological proficiencies and more focused on the critical interpretation and mindful integration of media and technology to support equitable, sound pedagogy.

I am currently not teaching - will these workshops still apply to me?
Yes, these workshops are designed to be flexible and supportive of you in your current context - whatever that context looks like!

I work outside of the United States. Do these workshops apply to a global/international context?
Participants who have been admitted to complete CAEL modules for HGSE graduate credit should plan to complete their final projects during weeks 9-12. Participants should estimate an additional five hours of study during that period.

Learning Experience

What is the time commitment and workload?
The time commitment for each four-week workshop is approximately 4 - 5 hours per week. Please note that Online Teaching and Learning in Action is a six-week workshop, and we estimate it requires about 3 - 4 hours per week.

The non-credit option for CAEL does not provide academic credit and instead provides a certificate of competency as well as a letter confirming the number of clock hours awarded per module (60 hours).

Generally, the workshops encourage participants to participate in active peer-to-peer discussions, engage with lovingly curated resources such as interviews, readings, and other materials, and apply these ideas to an iterative deliverable, such as a lesson or action plan, that will help inform their work.

How are participants assessed?
These workshops are meant to support you rather than evaluate you. You will not be formally graded or assessed. You will receive peer-feedback on your iterative projects. But you will not receive individualized feedback from the teaching team.

What are the requirements for completion of each workshop?
Each workshop asks you to submit a final product - perhaps a draft of the deliverable you are developing or a final reflection that identifies a synthesis of learning and next steps. The final submissions are the only requirement for each of the workshops. These differ slightly depending on the workshop, but these deliverables are meant to be usable and personal. They are not evaluated or graded; rather the process is designed to support your own learning process.

Are the courses asynchronous, or are there live components that require attendance?
The CMTE workshops are completely asynchronous with some optional live sessions. These sessions are often informal office hours or informal real-time workshopping opportunities. But there are no live requirements.