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Professional Education

The Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL) at HGSE adds a fifth module - Developing Myself - to its offering

The Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL), based upon HGSE’s ground-breaking Doctor of Education Leadership Program, develops effective leaders who can drive transformational change. Led by HGSE faculty members, the program is for leaders in school systems and state agencies; experienced principals and teachers who aspire to system-level roles; and teams seeking to strengthen their skills and collaborative capabilities.

New module: Developing Myself
To expand the scope of the Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership, HGSE has added a fifth CAEL module, Developing Myself, which focuses on intentional self-development and personal leadership. “We believe strongly that transformational leadership starts from the inside and that it’s essential that we first develop ourselves as leaders and learners — acknowledging and overcoming our own blind spots, limitations, and immunities to change — in order to successfully affect change at organizational and system-wide levels,” said CAEL Faculty Chair Elizabeth City. “If you want to transform the educational sector you have to transform yourself first. So we say transform self; transform sector.”

Online self-paced learning
Each 12-week module is designed to support flexibility — you can begin with any module and complete them in any sequence. Participants pursuing the full certificate must complete four of the five CAEL modules, including the required module Leading Learning, within 24 months of beginning the program.  “It is essential for education leaders to be grounded in key concepts, language, and skills related to leading learning, no matter their role or expertise,” said City.

The experience is designed to be both rigorous and flexible, requiring five to seven hours of work each week. Participants will have a designated online learning facilitator to support learning and provide individual feedback on assignments.

CAEL Offerings
The following upcoming CAEL modules are being offered starting this fall. Registration is ongoing:

Developing Myself (new)
Identify and make progress toward a high-level leadership goal with the support of your peers using the Immunity to Change Process. 

Leading Learning (required)
Develop concrete skills in observing learning and teaching, discussing the intersection of race and learning, and planning effective meetings to improve learning throughout the system. 

Leading for Excellence and Equity
Embark on a journey of self-examination and learn best practices that build the capacity of teachers and principals to recognize the potential and ability in all children promoting their success at high levels. 

Driving Change
Learn how effective change management targets and develops leaders at all levels. Communicate effectively and build consensus around your organization’s vision and mission and change agendas. 

Managing Evidence
Develop your ability to draw on multiple sources of evidence to inform policy and programmatic decisions and strengthen the capacity of your system to base decisions on high-quality evidence. 

Join us!
CAEL brings together education professionals from around the world to create a dynamic community of practice–leveraging the resources of HGSE and the collective wisdom and expertise of program colleagues. Join us and be on your way to receiving your certificate of competencies in advanced education leadership. Apply today!