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Programs in Professional Education

Programs in Professional Education
13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall, 5th Fl

Office Staff

Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Betty Asamoah Associate Director of Finance and Analytics Longfellow 518 617.496.1168
Bruce Baptista Program Coordinator Longfellow 517 617.496.2359
Grace T. Bryan Program Assistant Longfellow 5th Floor
Carolyn Chen Director of Outreach and Engagement Longfellow 5th Floor 617.384.5119
Paromita De Research Assistant
Melia C. Dunbar Program Assistant Longfellow 517 617.496.1327
Abigail Egan Marketing Assistant Longfellow 5th Floor 617.496.6210
Nathan Finch Director of Online Program Longfellow 520 617.496.6675
Mitalene Fletcher Director, PreK-12 and International Programs Longfellow 521 617.496.8379
Catherine Gardner Associate Director, PreK-12 Programs Longfellow 519 617.496.0581
Alexis L. Giordano Program Coordinator Longfellow 5th Floor 617.496.6215
Brimar Guerrero Program Coordinator Longfellow 504/5th Floor 617.496.5875
Clara Hill Professional Education Admissions Administrator Longfellow 515B 617.495.1825
Stephen Hyde Managing Director of Professional Education Longfellow 524 617.495.3834
Emily Julian Program Coordinator Longfellow 525D 617.496.1736
Kaitlin Kennedy Assistant Director of Program Operations Longfellow 501 617.495.3595
Emily Mackoul Program Assistant Longfellow 5th 617.495.5979
Amin Ashraf Marei Associate Director, Middle East Professional Learning Initiative Longfellow 5th Floor 617.384.7222
Dylan Marshall Program Assistant Longfellow 5th 617.496.2952
Kathleen McGreal Programs, Grants and Copyright Assistant Longfellow 525 617.495.5519
Amanda Nagim-Williams Program Coordinator Longfellow 504 617.495.3791
Shavonne Noble Office Assistant Longfellow 525 617.496.9139
Claire F. O'Connor Program Assistant Longfellow 5th Floor 617.384.7478
Julia Pasquale Program Coordinator Longfellow 525B 617.384.7461
Karen L. Pavlick Marketing Manager Longfellow 510 617.496.7404
Jacqueline R. Querubin Marketing Specialist Longfellow 501 617.384.7479
Jamie Rauch Sr. Program and Project Administrator Longfellow 517B 617.384.8077
Lauren T. Santini Marketing Specialist Longfellow 5th Floor 617.384.7462
Teane A. Scott Longfellow 5 Floor 617.496.1677
Siyu Shen Professional Education Admissions Coordinator Longfellow 515 617.495.3572
Erika Sologuren Professional Education Admissions Coordinator Longfellow 515C 617.384.7482
Cong Tony Sun Finance Manager Longfellow 508 617.495.1826
Randy Michael Testa Associate Director, PreK -16 Programs Longfellow 507 617.384.5015
Kathryn Wegener Program Coordinator Longfellow 504 617.496.7117
Min Zeng Senior Business Development and Partner Engagement Manager Longfellow 510 617.495.4494
Joseph P. Zolner Senior Director of Higher Education Programs Longfellow 522 617.496.1818