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Learning Initiatives and Teaching Support

Teaching and Learning Lab
Gutman 3rd Floor
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Joshua Alan Bookin Director, Instructional Support and Development Gutman 335 617.495.3967
Haejung Chung Sr. Learning Designer Longfellow H02403
Felipe Estrada-Prada Sr. Learning Technologist Gutman
Maryann Guerzon Production Assistant Gutman 332
Kelley Hirsch Learning Designer Gutman
Rebecca Burke Miller Director of Curriculum Design and Assessment; Director of Foundations Gutman 617.496.3545
Nicole Nash Curriculum and Assessment Specialist 50 Church Street Q-415
Hope O'Rourke Learning Technologist Gutman 3rd Floor
Michael Oliveri Senior Media Producer Gutman
Elio Pajares Ruiz Multimedia Producer Longfellow
Allison Pingree Sr. Instructional Coach; Lecturer on Education Gutman 335 617.495.4925
Stephanie Shantz Sr. Project Lead Gutman
Patrice A Torcivia Director, Learning Design, Technology, and Media Gutman 334 617.496.6935
William Wisser Director, Teaching and Learning Lab; Lecturer on Education Gutman 333 617.495.3182
Victor Gabriel Woods Lamanuzzi Learning Designer Gutman