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Development and Alumni Relations Office

Development and Alumni Relations Office
13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Annalise Marie Baird Assistant Director and Stewardship Donor Relations Longfellow G012E 617.496.5047
Patricia Brown Executive Director, Development and Alumni Relations Longfellow G020 617.496.1107
Joshua Brock Butts Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Longfellow G019 617.496.2301
Dia Combas Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator Longfellow G012D
Kelsey Coomber Development Coordinator Longfellow G013A 617.496.8950
Alicia Googins Associate Director of Development Planning and Communications Longfellow
Tara Karyanis Director of Development Longfellow G012 617.496.1904
Brady Moore Senior Associate Director of Development Longfellow G021 617.384.8278
William O'Neill Coordinator, Data Management and Reporting Longfellow G015A 617.495.0749
Stephen Ragno Associate Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Longfellow G018
Ana Karina Sibrian Zepeda Annual Fund Coordinator Longfellow G012C 617.384.9409
Jodie Smith-Bennett Associate Director, Donor and Alumni Engagement and Events Longfellow G017 617.495.8059
Keith Supko Business Analyst/Operations Manager Longfellow G015B 617.496.6518
Karen Tobin-Guild Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean and Office Manager Longfellow G012F 617.496.2301
Dahnie Tran-Chan Development Coordinator Longfellow G013B 617.496.8705
Soo Sheung Wong Senior Associate Director of Development and International Strategy Longfellow G016 617.384.9464