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Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing
20 University Road, 6th Floor
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Jill Anderson Senior Digital Content Creator 20 University Road 618A 617.496.1884
Paula Telch Cooney Senior Designer 20 University Road 620A 617.496.9841
Cassandre A. Cruz Director of Marketing 20 University Road 6th Floor 617.495.8098
Nadia Fenton-Rahim Senior Marketing Specialist 20 University Road 624A 617.495.8255
Yarice A Hidalgo-Calderón Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing 20 University Road 6th Floor
Lory Hough Editor in Chief 20 University Road 634 617.496.5882
Jeffrey P Hudecek Drupal Specialist 20 University Road 6th 617.496.8226
Marin Jorgensen Senior Digital Content Editor 20 University Road 618B 617.495.3616
Erika Rubin Web Content Specialist/Editor 20 University Road 624B 617.496.8415
Grace Tatter Digital Content Creator for Usable Knowledge 20 University Road 617.495.3302
Liz Vincensi Marketing Specialist Longfellow 510 617.384.5119
Bari Walsh Director of Editorial Strategy 20 University Road 630 617.495.9078