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Academic Affairs Office

Academic Affairs Office
Longfellow 101
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Wendy Angus Faculty Support Coordinator Gutman 444 617.496.4802
Anne Blevins Faculty Assistant Larsen 707 617.495.9518
Abbie Bloom Program Administrator, Higher Education & School Leadership Gutman 432 617.496.4816
Joshua Alan Bookin Associate Director, Instructional Support and Development Gutman 335 617.495.3967
Karen Bottari Program Administrator, PSP, CAS. in Counseling & Special Studies Larsen 602 617.495.4954
Jeffrey Brisbin Faculty Assistant Larsen 302 617.495.3547
Pamela Burton Administrative Director Longfellow 206 617.496.2904
Tycie Coppett Assistant Director, Ed.L.D. Program Longfellow G046 617.496.4645
Bianca De Barcelos Faculty Assistant Gutman 460 617.384.7781
Mandanna Farhoodi-Moberger Program Administrator, Human Development and Psychology & Mind, Brain and Education Larsen 515 617.496.1568
Andrea Kam Flores Sr. Learning Designer Gutman 336 617.496.3011
Cindy Floyd Faculty Assistant Longfellow 210 617.496.1019
Kristin Foster Program Coordinator Longfellow 133 617.495.4201
Tilman Freitag Faculty Assistant Gutman 464 617.384.5502
Corrine Giordani Faculty Affairs Assistant Longfellow 129 617.495.3958
Claire Goggin Faculty Assistant Longfellow 332 617.496.6072
Naomi Leah Greenfield Senior Learning Designer Gutman 336
Maryann Guerzon Production Assistant Gutman 332
Andrew R. Hall Program Administrator, Education Policy and Management & International Education Policy Gutman 462 617.495.4845
Anjelica Hall Residency Director, Ed.L.D. Longfellow 041 617.496.5880
Vicki A. Jacobs Director of the Teacher Education Program Longfellow 211 617.496.3896
Marc Anthony Johnson Associate Dean for Degree Programs Longfellow 617.495.6977
Susan Kandel Program Administrator, Teacher Education Longfellow 302 617.495.8854
Cherise Kenner Faculty Assistant Gutman 424 617.495.2675
Mary Kiesling Associate Director for Master’s Studies Longfellow G042 617.496.4406
Esther Kim Doctoral Programs Administrator Longfellow G039B 617.496.1036
Rilda Kissel Program Administrator, Learning and Teaching & Technology, Innovation, and Education Longfellow 331 617.495.3543
Elizabeth LaBua Program Administrator Gutman 234A 617.496.6039
Clara Lau Assistant Director, Ed.D. & Ph.D. Programs Longfellow G043 617.495.8445
Elizabeth Hang Le Senior Manager, Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics Longfellow 134 617.496.9974
Lee A. Marmor Faculty Assistant Gutman 430 617.496.2535
Andrena Mason Program Administrator, Language and Literacy Larsen 321 617.495.3521
Mark McNally Faculty Assistant Longfellow 311 617.496.4808
Rebecca Burke Miller Research Assistant Longfellow
Joelle Mottola Faculty Assistant Larsen 503B 617.495.2135
Ryan Noll Faculty Assistant Gutman 408 617.496.9087
Jessica Rose Pesce Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Longfellow 132 617.496.2077
Elias Polcheira Digital Media Producer Gutman 332 617.496.0923
Julian J. Pugh Assistant Director, Faculty Affairs Longfellow 617.496.4080
Shawn Read Media Producer Gutman 617.496.0923
Dean A. Redfearn Faculty Assistant Larsen 509 617.384.5047
Matthew E. Rose Residency Administrator Longfellow G044 617.495.2761
Jillian Lazar Rubman Learning Designer Longfellow 101
Scott Ruescher Program Administrator, Arts in Education Longfellow 310 617.495.9068
Annica Schjott Learning Designer Longfellow 101
Emily J. Shoemaker Learning Technologist Gutman 346 617.384.7847
Ela Sikorska Faculty Assistant Larsen 317 617.496.1267
Patrice A Torcivia Gutman 333
Patricia Anne Vanderbilt Learning Designer Gutman 346
Talicha Vaval Faculty Assistant Gutman 466 617.496.2975
Kevin Walsh Faculty Assistant Gutman 423 617.496.5209
Judith Wasserman Faculty Assistant Longfellow 335 617.495.3542
Jonathan Whichard Faculty Assistant Larsen 713 617.496.3171
William Wisser Director, Teaching and Learning Lab Gutman 333 617.495.3182
Eric Zeckman Doctoral Programs Academic Coordinator Longfellow 039 617.495.3444