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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs
Longfellow Hall G039
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Nicole Barone Assistant Director for the Online Master's Studies in Educational Leadership Program Longfellow G047
Abbie Bloom Assistant Director for Education Policy and Analysis (EPA) Gutman 434 617.496.4816
Karen Bottari Assistant Director for Education Leadership, Organizations and Entrepreneurship (ELOE) Gutman 408 617.495.4954
Tycie Coppett Director for Master's Studies Longfellow G045 617.496.4645
Mandanna Farhoodi-Moberger Assistant Director for Human Development and Education (HDE) Larsen 515 617.496.1568
Emily Goldstein Concentration Coordinator Longfellow G042 617.495.4150
Emily Katherine Hess Fieldwork Administrator Longfellow 405 617.496.7248
Jiayi Huang Program Coordinator Longfellow G040
Shayna Kessel Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services Gutman 125 617.495.9420
Hameedha Khan Program Coordinator Longfellow G044
Rilda Kissel Assistant Director for Learning Design, Innovation and Technology (LDIT) Longfellow 331 617.495.3543
Elizabeth LaBua Program Manager 617.496.6039
Clara Lau Director for Doctoral Studies Longfellow G043 617.495.8445
Andrena Mason Assistant Director for Teaching and Teacher Leadership (TTL) Longfellow 302 617.495.3521
Rena Elizabeth Mello Program Coordinator, Secondary Concentration in Educational Studies Longfellow G039
William Nehring Degree Programs Administrator Longfellow G044A
Ishani Parekh Foundations and Concentration Coordinator Longfellow G042
Matthew E. Rose Residency Administrator Longfellow G044 617.495.2761
Margarita Ruiz Residency Director, Ed.L.D. Longfellow G041
Jacqueline Strom Project Coordinator Longfellow G040
Tal Vaval Concentration Coordinator Longfellow G041
Eric Zeckman Doctoral Programs Academic Coordinator Longfellow 039 617.495.3444