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Fall 2020

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Pivot Out Loud

You've read the essays and are probably asking the same question we asked as we were putting together this issue of the magazine: What happened next? Did Jill stick to her plan to keep play in her daughter's day? What lessons learned did Kenton take with him when school reopened in the fall? How did the Longs adjust to their new life in Ohio?

In an effort to answer these questions, and more, we decided to try out a new way for the Ed. magazine to continue the story: We created a podcast called Pivot Out Loud. In this special audio series, we went back and talked to six of the original writers to find out what happened next.


Ep.1: Kenton Shimozaki



Ep.2: Jill Anderson



Ep.3: Akinyi Williams



Ep.4: Mckenzie Parkins



Ep.5: Christian Long



Ep.6: Svati Mariam Lelyveld