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Winter 2017

On My Bookshelf: Dana McCoy

McCoy BookshelfYOU’RE CURRENTLY READING: Swimming Studies, a memoir by artist and former competitive swimmer Leanne Shapton.

THE THING THAT DREW YOU TO IT: In general, I like to read memoirs. I was also a competitive swimmer for 16 years growing up, so I have a personal connec-tion to the topic.

FAVORITE BOOK FROM CHILDHOOD AND WHY YOU LOVED IT: Nancy Drew. The books remind me of my grandmother, who gave me her copy of The Secret of the Old Clock when I was 8.


IF YOU WERE TO GIVE A BOOK AS A GIFT TO SOMEONE, WHAT WOULD IT BE, WHOM WOULD IT BE FOR, AND WHY? I recently started giving my graduating students a picture book that relates in some way to their interests or the work we’ve done together. As someone who studies early childhood, I like to find every opportunity to remind my students of the importance of early reading! My most recent gift was Make Way for Ducklings, which I gave to a departing doctoral fellow from Brazil. Its plot centers on the importance of early parenting, which is her research area of focus. I also wanted to give her something to remind her of her time in Boston.

LAST BOOK YOU READ THAT SURPRISED YOU AND WHY: On a whim, I recently reread A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I remember loving it as a child but was struck in my latest read by its complexity and timelessness.

FAVORITE BOOK THAT WAS TURNED INTO A MOVIE AND DID YOU LIKE THE BOOK OR MOVIE BETTER? I was dragged to see the last Harry Potter movie on opening night, and it inspired me to (finally) read the books. As usual, the books were better than the movie, but given that I already knew the ending, I did find them to be a bit anticlimactic.

PAPER BOOK OR E-READER? E-reader. I travel a lot, so they’re more practical.

FAVORITE SPOT TO CURL UP WITH A GOOD BOOK: On my sofa with my cat, Mu.

NEXT UP: I’m looking for suggestions. Maybe Moby-Dick?