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HGSE in the Media: September 2017

By News editor on October 1, 2017 2:13 PM
Appearances by members of the HGSE community, as well as HGSE research projects and initiatives, in the national press — both traditional and online — in September.

Please note: While many online periodicals keep their stories freely available indefinitely, stories on other sites expire after a specified period of time, after which they can be retrieved by locating the story through the website’s archives, and sometimes paying a fee to do so. Where that is the periodical's policy, we have provided a link to the periodical's main page and the citation for the article so that interested readers may find the original article.

How 'Intelligent' Tutors Could Transform Teaching (Education Week)
Professor Chris Dede discusses how teachers can use computer programs to model for students how to work with technology professionally.

It’s the End of the University as We Know It (Quartz)
Professor James Soto Antony discusses how universities are struggling to leverage technology as it rapidly changes.

Harvard Professor’s Quest: Persuade Every Teacher to Build Stronger Ties with Families (The Seattle Times)
Professor Karen Mapp shares her thoughts on increasing parent engagement by helping districts train educators to see families as partners.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, a School Divided (New England Public Radio)
Professor Paul Reville is quoted about the negative effects of tracking.

Duluth Adds Social-Emotional Learning Specialists to Two Schools (Duluth News Tribune)
Professor Stephanie Jones contributes to the conversation on implementing social emotional learning in schools.

James Ryan Reintroduces Himself to the University Community (UVA Today)
Harvard Dean Promises to Lead UVa with 'Power of Reason' (The Daily Progress)
UVA Names Harvard Education Dean as Its New President (ABC via The Associated Press)
Harvard Dean Known for Inspiring Commencement Speech to Become UVA President (
U-Va. Chooses Law School Alumnus, Harvard Dean as Its Next President (The Washington Post)
University of Virginia’s Next President Has Five Essential Questions for You (The Washington Post)
U. of Virginia’s Next Chief Inherits a Wearied Institution (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Harvard Education Dean Named University of Virginia President (Harvard Magazine)
Education School Dean Ryan to Depart for UVA (The Harvard Crimson)
Harvard Dean James E. Ryan Named as U.Va.’s Next President (The Cavalier Daily)
U.Va. Names Its Next President (Virginia Business)
Coverage of Dean James Ryan being named the University of Virginia’s new president.

The Diversity Bargain’: How Students View Affirmative Action (WBUR)
Interview with Natasha Warikoo, about her book, Diversity Bargain, and her main take-aways on affirmative action.

End the High-Stakes Testing Sham (U.S. News and World Report)
Professor Daniel Koretz discusses his new book, The Testing Charade, and makes the argument that America should be utilizing professional judgment and objective measures instead of high-stake testing.

Book of Essays Examines the Late Justice Scalia on Education, Broadly Defined (Education Week)
Dean James Ryan’s contributions focused on race and education, and he analyzed Justice Scalia’s opinions and argued that Scalia's commitment to originalism was less principled.

Citizen Schools to Offer Project-Based Learning Experiences at ESCS (The Somerville Times)
Mention of the Harvard Education Redesign Lab’s By All Means initiative and its aim to develop comprehensive child wellbeing and education systems.

Yale Faculty Skews Liberal, Survey Shows (Yale Daily News)
Joseph Zolner is quoted about constructing opportunities for multiple points of view in higher education classrooms.

Chicago is Eve Ewing’s Home, and Her Art (Chicago Reader)
Alum and current professor at the University of Chicago, Eve L. Ewing, releases her first book, Electric Arches, featuring poetry, prose, and art about growing up black in Logan Square and Hermosa in the 80s and 90s.

Calling on Congress to Protect America’s Dreamers (Merced Sun-Star)
HGSE’s 5-year National Undocumented Research Project, by professor Roberto Gonzales, is cited as validation of DACA’s ability to ensure job mobility for immigrant children.

Educating All Children and the Power of Technology (Huffington Post)
Professor Fernando Reimers announces book launch and discusses his theory that technology is key to the success of the global education movement.

With Rollback of DACA, 'Dreamers' in U.S. Schools Prepare for a Fight (Education Week)
From 'Dream Jobs' to Bussing Tables Again (The Atlantic)
The Psychic Toll of Trump’s DACA Decision (The New York Times)
Dreamers Condemn 'Extremely Wrong' Jeff Sessions: 'We're Not Taking Jobs from Anybody' (The Guardian)
Roberto Gonzales discusses the impact of DACA in the wake of the Trump administration’s decision to end the program last week.

Recent Grad With No Job? Here Are 7 Strategies To Get Hired Faster (Fast Company)
Valerie Sutton, HGSE’s director of career services, gives advice for students who may not have a job after graduation.

‘Possible, but Daunting’: Inside Nikolai Vitti’s Early Effort to Transform Detroit’s Battered Public Schools (Chalkbeat)
Alum Nikolai Vitti, Detroit’s new school superintendent, is profiled at the start of the school year. Professor Robert Peterkin also comments on Vitti’s time at the school.

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Spreads His Gospel of ‘Radical Transparency’ (The New York Times)
Robert Kegan, who researched Bridgewater, shared his perspective on Ray Dalio and the transformation he brought to the firm.

Education-Parent Participation Link, Now a Harvard Study (The Indian Express)
A new research project from Emmerich Davies is set to get underway in Delhi’s schools to chart the impact that the presence of parents has on educational accountability.

How Can Researchers Help Other Audiences Understand and Utilize Findings? (Education DIVE)
Stephanie Jones noted that researchers needed to continue to build an evidence base to draw from to commit to more work on the policy level.

Roberto G. Gonzales (The Harvard Crimson)
Feature piece on professor Roberto Gonzales.

Katherine Merseth (The Harvard Crimson)
Feature piece on professor Kay Merseth.

Their Lives Were Transformed by DACA. Here’s What Will Happen if it Disappears. (The Washington Post)
9 Facts that Explain DACA, the Immigration program Trump Is Threatening to End (Vox)
DACA’s Beneficiaries Landed Good Jobs, Enrolled in College, and Contributed to Society (Vox)
Trump Ends DACA (Inside Higher Ed)
Donald Trump Once Welcomed These Undocumented Dreamers, but Now a Deportation Choice Looms (Los Angeles Times)
With Trump’s Plan To Rescind DACA, Immigrant Health Gains May Be Lost (The Huffington Post)
In the wake of the Trump administration’s announcement that they would plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), Roberto Gonzales shares his research and perspective on the impact of DACA on undocumented youth and our nation.

The Fundamental Things We Aren’t Teaching Our Kids (The Washington Post)
Howard Gardner and Rick Weissbourd explain why initiatives to teach and raise students with an understanding of civic and civil life have failed to change things in a meaningful way, and what can be done about it.

Student Teachers Get 'Real World' Practice Via Virtual Reality (Education Week)
Chris Dede weighs in on how we can recognize biases through virtual reality simulations where you can easily change students’ race and genders, and how training programs can help to address how teachers practice responding to challenging behaviors and stereotyping.

'Cuz': Two Lives, Split By Society (WBUR)
Danielle Allen discusses her new book, Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A., and the impact of imprisoning youth in our country.

Our Students Need All Hands on Deck (The Philadelphia Tribune)
In an editorial, mention of HGSE research led by Meredith Rowe that notes that family involvement is critical to helping children prosper in school.

Where Washington Actually Works (The Harvard Gazette)
HGSE alum Joshua Delaney, Ed.M.’14 shares his experiences working in education policy in Washington, D.C.