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HGSE in the Media: July 2017

By News editor on August 1, 2017 3:51 PM
Appearances by members of the HGSE community, as well as HGSE research projects and initiatives, in the national press — both traditional and online — in July.

Please note: While many online periodicals keep their stories freely available indefinitely, stories on other sites expire after a specified period of time, after which they can be retrieved by locating the story through the website’s archives, and sometimes paying a fee to do so. Where that is the periodical's policy, we have provided a link to the periodical's main page and the citation for the article so that interested readers may find the original article.

The White Journey to Racial Awareness: A Stage Theory (Education Week)
Jal Mehta presents five stages for how white people approach race, and how those stages in turn engender different reactions from people of color.

How to Prepare Preschoolers for an Automated Economy (The New York Times)
Stephanie Jones and David Deming discuss preparing children for a changing labor market, through developing social and emotional skills and by cultivating the flexible, solutions-oriented way preschoolers naturally learn. 

Informal and Formal Child Care Focus of New Harvard Study (Education Week)
Coverage of the Early Learning Study at Harvard, research being done as part of the Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative.

Boston Public Schools Receive Grant to Teach Kids Social and Emotional Skills (Metro)
Stephanie Jones discusses how in order for there to be successful SEL in classrooms, children and youth need to manage and take care of themselves, get along and work well with their learning community, and engage in academic learning. 
Chicago to Students: What Are Your Plans After Graduation? No, Really. (The Christian Science Monitor)
Mandy Savitz-Romer weighs in on Chicago’s recent move towards a pre-K to college model in the wake of the city’s decision to require students to have a job offer, college acceptance, or other evidence of a postsecondary plan in order to receive their diploma. 
Why Dewey Needs Freire, But Not Vice Versa; Critical Consciousness-Raising as a Form of Deeper Learning (Education Week)
Doctoral candidate Pooja Bakhai contributes to the Learning Deeply blog.

Children Should Be Heard, but Only So Much (Wall Street Journal; registration required)
Rick Weissbourd talks about the balance between being a parent and being a friend.

Study: Holding Kids Back A Grade Doesn't Necessarily Hold Them Back (NPR)
New research from Marty West reveals some benefits for Florida third-graders who were held back a year.

Mixed Message from Trump on DACA Sparks Frustration from Dreamers As Well As Critics of Illegal Immigration (Los Angeles Times)
Roberto Gonzales comments.

The 74 Interview: You Don’t Think Your Child Is Average & Harvard’s Todd Rose Doesn’t Either (The74)
Todd Rose discusses the quest for individualization and personalization in education and getting away from a one-size-fits-all approach.
As Schools Tackle Poverty, Attendance Goes Up, But Academic Gains Are Tepid (Education Week)
Paul Reville discusses the need for comprehensive strategy in education reform.
Kinder College? Some Schools Are Striving To Make Applying Less Stressful (WBUR)
Mention of Making Caring Common’s Turning the Tide report and Rick Weissbourd weighs in on the current college admissions process.
Lawmakers Pushed to Support Earlier Screening for Dyslexia (The Sentinel-Enterprise)
Nadine Gaab discusses the importance of early diagnosis of dyslexia for children. 
BUSINESS BOOKSHELF: Five Questions to Get to the Right Answers (The Chronicle Herald)
Mention of Dean James Ryan’s book, Wait, What? and the five essential questions.

Beyond the Clinic: Creating More Space for Preventive Care in Schools (Huffington Post)
Ed.L.D. candidate Laura Burgos writes about building a better school.

Some Mass. Colleges Move To Cover Extra Costs Of A Degree For Poorer Students (WBUR)
HGSE professor Anthony Jack discusses hidden costs in going to college and the unforeseen obstacles many students face.

Trump Cuts Hurt Schools (The Times-Tribune)
Marty West discusses the negative performance outcomes in Louisiana charter schools.
Early Education Study To Examine Local Participants (The Patch)
The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour: Teachers and Doctors (Bloomberg)
Nonie Lesaux and Stephanie Jones discuss the Early Learning Study at Harvard as part of the Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative.
Harvard Professor Gets His Own Muppet (The Boston Globe)
Coverage of the arrival of Joe Blatt’s muppet, commissioned by his students from Sesame Workshop, in recognition of his years of work and collaboration with them.
The Global Search for Education: Re-imagining Learning on July 4th with Dr. Howard Gardner (The Huffington Post)
A Q&A with Howard Gardner on life-long learning.