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HGSE in the Media: April 2017

Appearances by members of the HGSE community, as well as HGSE research projects and initiatives, in the national press — both traditional and online — in April.

Please note: While many online periodicals keep their stories freely available indefinitely, stories on other sites expire after a specified period of time, after which they can be retrieved by locating the story through the website’s archives, and sometimes paying a fee to do so. Where that is the periodical's policy, we have provided a link to the periodical's main page and the citation for the article so that interested readers may find the original article.

Kane: States and Governors Must Collaborate as They Again Learn to Drive Education Under ESSA (The 74 Million)
Professor Thomas Kane on ESSA, local school control, and how states must now learn to collaborate on education.

How These Students Got into Every Ivy League School (CNN)
Professor Nancy Hill discusses how academic success can be a family affair.

A Rare Copy of the Declaration of Independence Has Been Found — in England
(The Washington Post)
A New Parchment Declaration of Independence Surfaces. Head-Scratching Ensues.
(The New York Times)
Rare Copy of Declaration of Independence Found in England (CBS This Morning)
A Hidden Declaration (The Harvard Gazette)
Coverage of Professor Danielle Allen’s groundbreaking discovery of an additional, rare copy of the Declaration of Independence.
Nation’s Only Federally Funded Voucher Program Has Negative Effect on Student Achievement, Study Finds (The Washington Post)
Associate Professor Martin West weighs in on new research behind voucher programs and their impact on students’ performance.
Danielle Allen Rises Through Harvard’s Ranks (The Harvard Crimson)
Following Professor Danielle Allen’s career as a political theorist and classicist at Harvard.
What Elimination Of AmeriCorps Could Mean For One New Bedford School (WBUR)
Professor Paul Reville weighs in on Nativity Prep’s model and what the Trump administration’s budget cuts might mean for the future of these types of schools.

Want to Be Happy? Be Curious (Harvard Gazette)
5 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking All the Time (Harvard Business Review)
'Wait, What?' (And Other Big Questions) (WBUR)
Harvard Dean on Book Inspired by His Popular Graduation Speech (CBS)
Dean James Ryan talks about his new book inspired by last year’s viral commencement address on the five essential questions in life.
Harvard Education Dean Runs Boston Marathon in Honor of 26 Teachers (EdWeek)
Dean James Ryan is featured in an article about his running of the Boston Marathon in support of teachers.
New Evidence Suggests Nice Workers Are Likely to Earn More than Everyone Else (MarketWatch)
Mention of new research from professor Professor David Deming and Yale’s School of Management.

A Small School Caught in the Crossfire of AmeriCorps Debate (The Christian Science Monitor)
Professor Paul Reville discusses different models of providing education to students from low-income families, and the challenges they face when they try to scale up.
Why Thousands Of American Parents Are Sending Their Kids To 'Russian Math' (WBUR)
Professor Jon Star weighs in on the arms race of sorts behind extracurricular, supplemental math programs for young students.
Lawmakers Say State Formula Miscalculates Education Costs by $1 Billion (The Weymouth News)
Professor Paul Reville discuses the state’s long-term funding formula and what it is falling short on each year when it tries to project the cost of public education in Massachusetts.

The New Champions of School Integration (The Atlantic)
Mention of HGSE’s Reimagining Integration program and a recent day-long meeting for strategic planning on school diversity efforts with former Education Secretary John King.
Applying to College as a Wheelchair User (Inside Higher Ed)
Master's student Valerie Piro shares her personal story about the challenges and hurdles she faced when applying to colleges as a wheelchair user.
The Diversity Bargain: An Interview with Natasha Warikoo (The Huffington Post)
Senior Lecturer Richard Weissbourd has a Q&A with Associate Professor Natasha Warikoo about her book on diversity on college campuses and in the college admissions process.
The Alt-Right Curriculum (The Atlantic)
Professor Meira Levinson weighs in on how teachers should and can facilitate conversations with students about white nationalism and Alt-Right ideas.