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Local Control and Educational Equity #hgse #usableknowledge @harvarded

Local Control and Educational Equity

By James E Ryan on September 21, 2016 10:56 AM
This article originally appeared in "Education Week."

I have noticed some flirtation with local control recently by those on the left end of the political spectrum, who are otherwise committed to educational equity.  This includes the Black Lives Matter movement and the NEA.  There seems to be some interest in returning more control and autonomy not simply from the federal government to the states, but from states to local communities--so that communities can decide questions like when to close schools, whether to allow charter schools, and how to assign teachers.

It is puzzling to see groups that care about educational equity embracing local control.  Local control in education has historically been associated with justifying inequities.  In two watershed cases, preserving local control was used by the United States Supreme Court as a reason to leave inequities untouched....

Read more at Education Week.

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