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HGSE in the Media: December 2014

Appearances by members of the HGSE community, as well as HGSE research projects and initiatives, in the international press — both traditional and online — in December.

Please note: While many online periodicals keep their stories freely available indefinitely, stories on other sites expire after a specified period of time, after which they can be retrieved by locating the story through the website’s archives, and sometimes paying a fee to do so. Where that is the periodical’s policy, we have provided a link to the periodical’s main page and the citation for the article so that interested readers may find the original article.

Baby Brains
National Geographic, January 2015
"The researchers — led by Charles Zeanah, a child psychiatrist at Tulane University; Nathan Fox [Ed.M.'74, Ed.D.'75], a developmental psychologist and neuroscientist at the University of Maryland; and [Professor] Charles Nelson, a neuroscientist at Harvard — were struck by the children's aberrant behaviors. Many of the kids, less than two years old when the study began, showed no attachment to their caregivers.

Q&A: The Teaching Brain
NPR, 12/27/14
"What we have not considered is that humans have a natural ability to teach. We've not studied that development over time." - Doctoral student Vanessa Rodriguez, Ed.M.'13

Little College Guidance: 500 High School Students Per Counselor
New York Times, 12/25/14
"'It's a huge problem, massive,' said Mandy Savitz-Romer, a senior lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who studies school counseling. 'Counseling is seen as an extra layer, a luxury. If I’m a school leader and I’m trying to lower class size, what’s 50 more kids on your caseload?'"

Innovation Begins With The Power Of Imagination
Ventures Africa, 12/21/14
"Whenever you think about the Civil War or the Roman Empire or possibly God, you’re using your imagination,” says Paul Harris, a development psychologist and professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who studies imagination. 'The imagination is absolutely vital for contemplating reality, not just those things we take to be mere fantasy.'"

All in the Family
Inside Higher Ed, 12/14/14
"According to Richard Chait, a professor emeritus at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who has studied and advised colleges on leadership issues, 'There is often a correlation between individual philanthropy and individual power and influence within an organization.'"

The Global Search for Education: Good or Bad?
Huffington Post, 12/11/14
"If you simply want to have the most toys at the end of life, you might get away with Bad or Compromised Grit. But if you pursue goals beyond self-aggrandizement, then you can do well both for yourself and for the world." - Professor Howard Gardner

Understanding the Economics of School Reform
Huffington Post, 12/10/14
"According to economists, Greg J. Duncan of the School of Education at the University of California at Irvine, and Richard J. Murnane of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in their recent book, Restoring Opportunity: The Crisis of Inequality and the Challenge for American Education, 'It's not just more money. Or more choice. Or more tests. Or more organizational innovation. None of those options has succeeded because none has focused on improving instruction in high-poverty schools and developing a successful approach for students to master critical skills.'"

How Dissecting a Pencil Can Ignite Curiosity and Wonderment
KQED: Mind/Shift, 12/8/14
"Can the act of making or designing something help kids feel like they have agency over the objects and systems in their lives? That’s the main question a group of researchers at Project Zero, a research group out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, are tackling alongside classroom-based teachers in Oakland, California."

$5 Million Grant Will Support Ed Leadership Program
Harvard Crimson, 12/5/14
"The Graduate School of Education received a $5 million grant that will boost its Doctor of Education Leadership Program, School of Education Dean James E. Ryan announced in late November."

Why the Obamas Should Consider Teaching in an Urban Public School After 2016
Washington Post, 12/2/14
"We propose that, once the post-partum presidential period has ended, both Barack and Michelle Obama should teach in a typical urban public school in Chicago, Washington, or another metropolitan area. Except for Jimmy Carter's devotion to teaching Sunday school in his church in Plains, GA, such a presidential move would to our knowledge be unprecedented." - Professor Howard Gardner and Jim Reese, director of studies at the Washington International School.

Technology Doesn't Make Us 'Appy: Young Hongkongers 'Depressed by Social Media'
South China Morning Post, 12/2/14
"Life online is affecting teenagers' identities as well as their capacity for imagination and intimacy, says American developmental psychologist [Professor] Howard Gardner, whose 2013 book, The App Generation, explores adolescent life in the digital era."