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The Name Campaign 2012

The Name CampaignAs a presidential election is upon us, a campaign has been launched at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Two camps, each with fervent belief about the name of the Ed School, have emerged. On one side, Hugsy; on the other, HGSE. Each with passionate supporters and strong arguments. “Our school is a kind and caring environment,” said Jonah Wilson, spokesperson for the Embrace Hugsy campaign. “Our work is embedded in the belief that we must work with districts around the country and across the globe to help all children reach their potential.

The Hugsy name is essential to the ethos of our community.” “HGSE is rigorous and relevant,” said Monica Allen, spokesperson for HGSE, the Name at the Nexus. “We have big goals — close achievement gaps, raise high school graduation rates, and lift democracies. This is no time for hugging; we have work to do. Let’s begin.”

Both campaigns have launched websites and released their first ads, with more promised in the upcoming weeks. In addition, they are encouraging students, faculty, staff, and alumni to express their views and create their own commercials. Commercials can be submitted to or posted to the Ed School's Facebook page. In her message to the community about the campaign, Dean Kathleen McCartney encourages the conversation.

"This fall ... I invite you take part in a discussion, a debate, a discourse; on what to call ourselves and why: Hugsy vs. HGSE," she says. "The decision is yours." Vote HGSE Faculty Endorsement from Assistant Professor Martin West

Embrace "Hugsy" Support from Jarumi Crooks

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