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Gardner Thinks Big

Professor Howard Gardner recently recorded a series of videos for Big Think, a "knowledge forum featuring the ideas, lessons, stories and advice of leading experts from around the world."

In "Wise Up, America," Gardner warns that a failure to encourage a sense of altruism amongst Americans could signal the end of the US as a moral leader for the world.

In "Reevaluating Intelligence," Gardner argues that different periods in history have shown biases towards different types of intelligence, and that this bias will continue to shift with time.

In "A Changing Culture of Creativity," Gardner suggests that a new culture of risk-aversion and crowd-sourcing is changing the traditional paradigm of the creative individual.

In "What Keeps Howard Gardner Up At Night," Gardner speaks about his growing concern  about the necessity of good work given the destructive power of the individual in the global era.

Watch Big Think's entire interview with Professor Howard Gardner below:

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