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Reimers Appointed to U.S. National Commission for UNESCO

Professor Fernando Reimers recently was appointed by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to serve on the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.

Reimers will act as one of 30 representatives to the commission, which supports worldwide humanitarian development and values by coordinating efforts and delivering expert advice from the federal, state, and local governments and from nongovernmental organizations on issues of education, science, communications, and culture.

"I am honored to have been appointed to serve on the commission because I believe that education, science, communications, and culture are very important components of U.S. foreign policy," Reimers said. "I look forward to contributing in this role in the commission to Secretary Clinton's vision of expanded and more effective public and cultural diplomacy."

Currently, Reimers said, the commission is reviewing literacy programs that the Department of State would submit for UNESCO's annual literacy prize, an important global distinction designed to highlight global efforts to advance literacy and to stimulate the diffusion of best practices. "I am hopeful that we might advance innovative programs that have contributed to advancing literacy globally," he said.