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By Sagra Alvarado 03/01/2018 10:05 AM EST
The student tri-chairs of the 2018 Alumni of Color Conference speak about their goals for the event, the various experiences it represents, and how youth play a vital role in shaping the conversation.
By Leah Shafer 03/03/2017 8:11 AM EST
Why does school-based bullying happen? We went to the source and asked students for insight.
By Jill Anderson 01/24/2017 10:22 AM EST
With her new program, Nina Sokolovic, Ed.M.'16, aims to provide parents in rural Serbia with the information and strategies necessary to care better for both their children and themselves.
By Leah Shafer 11/15/2016 9:42 AM EST
How teenagers are making sense of the election — and preparing to step into their civic roles.
By Leah Shafer 08/18/2016 6:37 PM EDT
Five ways to welcome student input and bolster your school's success.
By Leah Shafer 05/05/2016 2:42 PM EDT
Teenaged leaders on the opportunities and challenges posed by digital media.
By Leah Shafer 04/28/2016 11:44 AM EDT
Technology is changing the way young people understand their impact and engage with the world.
By News editor 11/01/2011 10:22 AM EDT
"In my... work, I am interested in collaborating with youth to explore questions that matter to them, and I believe that working with youth is one of the best ways to learn with and from them."